Nov 7, 2013

Prom Night 2013

It's the time of the year once again where juniors present themselves for the seniors to judge and be given a rank among the popular and the jocks. lol. i guess this happen everywhere but everyone seems to enjoy this moment as it is the only time where each of us get to proves to see if we were suitable to be among society. if you loses, you are out of the game only to be kick into another level who the people are in the same level as you.

harsh. it is but that's life? 

anyway, this year Faculty Night is a combined night together with three other different faculties and i can say this is the first biggest faculty night ever so we decided to change it into Prom Night as juniors are getting lesser and more people will just make the event more successful eh?

this year theme is Masquerade Night. here are some pictures that i took that night. 

my heels broke before the event could begin and all i could do was break down and wait for someone to save me. haihh. it was a crazy night. things did get okay though.

seniors who are going to graduate soon. T_T

many ladies wore black that night and i guess i hit the theme pretty bad. ah well. =_______=

The whole HR gang from UTM. 

Second generation, Third generation, and Fourth generation. 

The last picture in my camera.

I am glad that this event came to an end and though it can be consider as a success but there were loopholes that need to be fix. *sigh* no events can be perfect but i think we all did a great job in maintaining the good look of this event. 


eunice gm.

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