Nov 20, 2013

The Story of My Toe Nail

actually, it should be this week rants.

heey there!

last sunday, i got myself into a small accident which earns me a two days medical leave from classes, how cool is that eh? minus the pain though. =D

i knock my leg onto my friend's sport shoe, just a simple knock if you are curious to know but my toe nail ripped into half. it does not came off right at the spot though, though i wish it had, but it came out, leaving behind a quarter "alive" nail.

i put on a plaster and went to the doctor that evening and when he saw it, man, he is one rough man!

doc: let me take off the plaster. *grab my leg and start pulling the plaster off*
me: NOOOOO. i do it myself doctor!! *grabbing his hand and shooing it away*

after it came off.

doc: we must take the rest of the nail off.
me: what? seriously?
doc: *ignoring me* nurse, tolong get ready local *stands for local anesthesia* *looking at me* follow the nurse.

in the "operation" room

doc: do you want to take off the whole thing or only the damage nail?
me: what? *at this point, tears was falling, i was not bawling though, but what on earth, fancy him asking me to make a decision right there and then!*
doc: if we were to take off the whole nail, it would be more painful laa.
me: then forget it. just take off the damage nail.

and in it went, the local anesthesia which hurts like hell, and soon, it is done! i think, less than 5 minutes?

fast forward two days, here is how my toenail looked like. ahh well, ugly and looking retarded aren't it?

gross. i know. =______________=
and i was using my stupid phone so the camera focus on the wall behind instead of the newly exposed flesh. boo.

right after taking off the damage nail.

and this little guy sees the humour in it and while everyone is chaos about my little toe, he is busy taking photos and video. =__________=

now, my toe is a little sore. i still dare not to let water come near it and i hate the feeling when it rubs with another surface. i just hope the new nail can quickly grow so that it won't look this cacat anymore.

the good thing about this incident is i got myself two days off from class and i get to sit in a wheelchair in jusco. i was being silly but heey, why waste an opportunity right? mom kept saying that i was too popular because people kept giving way and looking at me. a little boy even asked his mom why am i in a wheelchair. auuuw, so cute.... but annoying. 

know any tips in making them grow faster? =(

eunice gm.

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