Nov 7, 2013

Travel- Kuala Lumpur (Mid Valley & Sunway Pyramid)

Last weekend was spent in KL, the heart of Malaysia with my big group of friends and here are the pictures! ^^

Day 1

arriving at the bus station and being greeted with lotsa people. lol. i think we are the ones who greeted them.

first group picture! ^^

this supposed to look like a candid picture but because of a cutie behind, it ended up not being me. boo him but i still like him! ;)

here you go, one more photo bomb of this cutie pie. 

People crossing into our lives and out again. some leave great memories while some take away the good memories. it's life and we should appreciate it all. 

we then head over to Reminisce at Mid Valley. it's a restaurant where they value the old times so you can see lotsa old stuff that we used to play when we were younger. i did not catch any pictures in here though. too hungry to move and too many people to squeeze in. 

P/S: i carried two huge bags. wtf.

Happy deepavali! ^^

le ladies.

le gentlemen.

le rommie. <3!

i was looking at a hunk when this picture was taken. no intention but dang, i looked creepy. lol.

jeans, tshirt, and flipper is the best way to dress on a backpack travel.


spot me? ;)

i love this group picture! ^^

pervert as usual. ahah!

finally one photo of us together. wee!

maxi dress from cotton on and scandals from vinci. 

a little girlish is fun at times. =D

soon to update more photos!

eunice gm.

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