Nov 8, 2013

Travel- Kuala Lumpur (Sunway Lagoon & Sunway Pyramid)

Here we go.

Day 2

We head over to Sunway Lagoon the next day. the price tickets is RM90 for malaysians who can provide IC and for those who can't, they have to pay RM120 if i am not mistaken. more details on their webpage here

rise and shine boys! ;)

my soup and food of the day at Kim Gary Restaurant.

trying to smile wider. still practicing cause each time i freaked out, i quickly turn my smile to a close one. Learn eu, learn! smile wide and smile big!

last picture of the night in my camera before it died. T__T

and then "C&P" this from one of my friend. we went to a bar called OverTime to spend our night there before we head back to our room and knock out. the music and ambience was great but there are some things that are just not meant to happen. hahah. i am glad to be safe again. =D

eunice gm.

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