Nov 18, 2013

Villa Nabila, True or Myth?

heeloo sexy people!

i am sure everyone had read about the news that went viral on facebook. 23 people gone missing after entering this beautiful and ugly villa this morning.

just ask Mr Google about this and all type of versions will pop out for you to read. some said a rich tycoon's daughter was killed and cement into the wall and some other versions said that the maid of this family went berserk and killed the whole family. i don't know which is real cause as long as i had lived in JB, i had never seen anyone staying in there before. did saw some cars come and go but other than that, nah-ah.

i had also heard that that villa used to belong to a chinese Datuk name Yap Seng Hock, from Hong HIUAT Group, but i don't know what happen after that. it's not really that clear from that source.

anyway, after reading so many different versions, lets read this also la hor?

it is said that 23 people out of 30 went missing and out of the 7 who are saved, one of them was found in a "out of body" situation, also known as rasuk laa.

wow. the Sultan also arrived at the incident area? 

however, on NST news, the cops said that they received a report from one of the boy's mother and upon receiving a report, they should go and check it out so they did but when passersby saw them there, the rumour immediately went viral on social media.

well, how true is these stories, i am not sure.

it all depends on what you believe. i do believe in ghosts and spirits but how true is that they are really MIA, i am in no position to speak. let's just wait and see shall we?

besides, after passing by this huge villa for so many years, since i was a kid, finally a real story in my time? 

stay safe people!

eunice gm.

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  1. I don't know why this Christine Palace is now called Villa Nabila.

    But I know this Christine Place / Palace is used to belong to Dato' Yap Seng Hock and he named it after his daughter name, Christine Yap. Dato' Yap was jailed and believe this property had charged to the bank and bank had repossess it.

    I don't know how it can become Malaysia most haunted house but for sure most are urban legend.


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