Dec 12, 2013

21 At Last!

12 December!


i had been waiting for quite some time!

everyone around me is stepping into 22 and yet i am still 21. boohoo! but i am glad that it is finally here!

a little post that i created a few days back. *i was scared that i did not have the time to sit down and type*


Its my birthday today. A day where I begin my life as a 21 year old lady though I think I am behaving like one since ages ago.

This year, stepping into a year where it is a special year for all teenagers my age, I don't feel any special needs to celebrate it. It seems that the feeling to celebrate birthday had gone far away from me since I “grew” up. Its like, its okay if I don't celebrate it cause its just a birthday.

But I do wanna say something to my mom, the women who brought me to this world through so much pain and suffering. I am so sorry that 21 years ago, I did not want to come out to this world that cause you to undergo operation. Haha. I guess, being inside your stomach was way more fun so that is why deon and I did not want to come out to this world in a hurry!

Since today is my special day, I don’t want to forget that it is also your special day. It was the day where you brought your first child to this world eh? You must be scared and nervous all at the same time but I think you were smiling away when you held me in your arms eh?

Wait, hold on. I think the first to saw me was grandma cause you faint right away after the operation? Geez. >_<

But thanks mi for everything. Thanks for holding my hand when I fell down. Thanks for helping me to clean my poop and feed me when I am hungry. Thanks for discipline me to who I am today. Though I hit the rebellious stage pretty bad, you still stood by me all this time. And with all that, I can never express my gratitude to you for all that you had done. It was a wonderful thing to have you as my mom and if we were to believe in the next life, I still want you as my mom. Thank you so much mi! I love you!

By the way, where is my present eh? =D

ahh, now i remember! that post was dedicated to my mom!

well, well, this is for me then:

being alive for 21 years had its up and down as we know that life has its ups and down, like a wheel right? well, i am grateful that i am here today. it was a tough ride and i know things won't get easy when you hit 21 but i guess, its how someone deal with it anyway.

ahhh~ 21~ 

the 21 years that i had been living as. wow, did i change? ahah!

my first birthday celebration, an early one too. felt really blessed to celebrate it with my newly found buddies!


it was really blessed that everything is how it should be.

thank you very much for all the wishes and blessings guys!

eunice gm.

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