Dec 16, 2013

Busy December


let's get a little personal tonight shall we?

many things had happen in the past few days. events, concerts, birthdays, christmas carols, children church, havard business school case study *which is going to be due in two days time*, and a few more random stuff.

i just got back from the hospital by the way. mom had been admitted into the hospital as her abscess had broke and the pus are coming out like water from a paip. she did not want to go to the hospital at first but after our family doctor chased her into it, only she wanna listen and so, there she is right now. the news is that she will be going through a little pain and knowing my mom, who is afraid of pain, it just hurts my heart.

mom, be strong kay? you are a strong woman so i know you can overcome this. =/

i can't be with her as i got a case coming up soon and i need to do preparation for it and other issues. one of the issue is regarding my financial status right now. i just found out that i am owing utm a sum of money, it may not be much for some people, but for me, i think that can be my 3 months monthly allowance. i don't know what is the hutang about but i am going to settle it tomorrow, if i do not settle it, i won't be able to register for any subjects and that is not a good news for me. friends and classmates had done their part, ouh God, challenges in this busy month huh?

there is one final assignment in my hand but there had been some problems too with that subject. i don't think i am confident in getting a A for that subject when i look at what we are doing as a team. i just don't get the nice feelings. haihh. i don't know if it is my emotions or it is the truth. =______=

talking about subjects, exam is in 2 weeks time and i am super worry for certain subjects. i just don't know if i am ready to go and get involve with it. =_______=

i hate the state that i am in right now.

need a little break but i don't think i can take it without feeling the pang of guilt.

i think i need to stop and rest in the Lord for a moment.

a tired eunice gm.

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