Dec 8, 2013

I Share #7


since everyone knows that christmas is around the corner, to be exact, 17 days to go, everything will be about christmas today! =D

Video Num 1
"This Christmas Life", a video from Shane Dawson. i am a fan of him because he is just soo cute! its a video about christmas fantasy but we just got to remember that christmas is just not about that. its more than that!

Video Num 2
ellen, where i am a HUGE fan of her! she and her wife came out with their own christmas card this year, which reminds me of my OWN family christmas card. we not yet bought any clothes. auh ouh. >_<

Video Num 3
Kid President came out with one more video on holiday gift guide! who has bought finish their gifts, hands up?! *not me* i don't know when i am going to start but i think i should start finding for some ideas soon. =D

this week i got not much videos on hand cause of the lack of time. i just got back from a retreat camp for the worship team in CCCJB. it was an awesome camp where we bond with the other worship team members and learn more about God.

well, happy holiday guys! ^_^

eunice gm.

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