Dec 1, 2013

Life Updates!!!


heey there!

finally got the time to sit down comfortably, with my pillow in lap and lappie in the front. ahhh, hi there bloggie and bloggie friends!

this whole week had been filled with the biggest event that i had in this year. Mid-autumn festival-16 was held on the 29th-30th of november and all i can say is my sleep, eating habits, leg, muscle, everything is out of control!

we started our work right from the beginning of the semester but since its a week away, we got to do the last minute work right? if not mistaken, i started joining the team on wednesday, working all the way to evening, do my procrastination work which was supposed to be due the day after, thursday, working all the way till 3am.

finally, one assignment down. fuhh.

5 more to go? brr~

the next morning, after class, joined the team once again to get ready the earlier preparation for the next day. we cut, boil, cooked, peel, squeez, and everything laa just to make sure there's food to sell the next day. that night, i got into bed around 4am and went back to work around 8am. all the way again till 3am before i could close my eyes. yesterday was a little relax for me but not for my muscle and legs. man, they really go on strike against me! all they let me felt was pain! i was dragging my leg all the way in the event. boo my body, boo.

well, after the whole event is over, all i can say, is that there was lotsa fun in it. i did learn some things too, like how to cut fish cake, fried french fries, remove the blackness in oil and many more laa. i think i can start cooking. lol. #justkidding

the four beauties, found in chinese literature. obviously, i don't know any of it. =_______=

our team. =D

one event down, 5 more assignments to go. >_<

when is this all going to end?

btw, went out with le family today. too many stories to share with him! >_<

christmas is around the corner. >_<

hello christmas ball!


exhausted but had lotsa fun. =D

eunice gm.


  1. woahh looks like you so busy..chaiyok2 for 5 delayed assgmnt..pheww~ so many ha...:P

  2. @Mime MF yup2, spirit of procrastination. thanks! :D


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