Dec 6, 2013

Year 2013


a little post from me before i hit the books. i know. i know. its wee morning, and yet here i am doing what i think i need to do. my whole sleeping schedule is in a mess right now.

year 2013 is soon coming to an end. to be exact, it will be 25 days more to come where 2014 will seep into our lives. time just flies huh?

i can say that year 2012 had been a really bad bad year for me. i was being knock down with tons of problems, emotionally, physically and mentally. i was not prepare for any of those stuff and during those dark moments, i thought, i was not going to come through all that. i thought, maybe things will never change and that things will always be that depressing.

being separated from friends, my usual busy life *which i love*, my bubbly self *i seem to let this behind me, maybe i grew older? lol.*, and everything that was shouting me, was hard. i tried to be tough and tried not to bother my bestie of any trouble that i was facing. since young, i always have the thinking that, why bother to tell others when they can't even help? an extra ears won't solve the problem but might create more problem. i grew up with that in my mind and when the stone came falling on me, i hang on to those words.

i guess it was wrong of me to do so.

i did not enjoyed those moment at all but instead, i got some real hard scolding from my besties when they tried to help me out from the dark hole. haha, instead of being secure and safe in my cocoon, i got people running after my backside. lol.

well, when 2012 ended, and i was given the opportunity once again to continue my studies, my usual lifestyle, my everything, i did not carry too much hope. i thought, things will never be the same. well, it is.

things changed. a lot. but there are still love in there cause my friendship with my friends got closer, though i missed a beat with my friends from university, but i am still very thankful that i still got the chance to spend my moments with them, creating memories all the way till they graduate. the time may be short for us but i know the memories, the laughter, the tears and the sweat that we shared together will be great memories that we will keep till our old days.

i gain more friends, know more people, try to adapt to being alone instead of "must" be accompanied, smiling at random strangers and picking up small talks. i learn to say hi and stay humble, though the arrogant eunice still comes up once in a while. i learn to appreciate the small things in life, like when someone says hi and thank you and when someone says "i like you".

it is true that when something big came crushing down on you, the whole world, the perception of the world changes together. i would not say that i did not have any regrets in 2012, but i am glad that 2013 did show me some hope in getting better and facing the world with a different mindset.

life has its up and downs. you just have to be strong and find the courage, deep down for some people, and tries to overcome it. some problems may never find a solution but things will get better. the people you love, the people that love you, they will make things better for you eventually. just by spending time with them, listening to their chit chats and laughter can make you forget the pain for a little moment.

why give up when there are more to life than just sorrow and pain? i know that those things are painful but without those experience, a person can never grow and build his/hers perception of life.

we need to learn to eat bitter gourd before we can grow old right? - a phase used by my auntie to persuade us to eat bitter gourd.

2013, thanks for everything. thanks for giving me the chance to heal and to look forward to life once again. thank you so much for being much gentle to me than the year before.

2014, i don't know what will be in this coming year but i do know that things will be okay. it will always be.

happy holidays people. happy new year, soon!

eunice gm.

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