Dec 26, 2014

The Usual Ramble

Heey there,

No reason for me to explain why my fingers had been missing from the keyboard. Well, you know. The usual stuff. Stuff that can be explain but then people might say that are all excuses so, let's just say, Ah well. *big grin*

I was studying before I decided to take a small break by coming in here to put my fingers to work. Exams is around the corner now and I am still not properly done on any subjects. *That's so me* Things are hectic plus Christmas had just gone by. Thank God I do not have Christmas party to do or to attend to or else, I think I would be more crazy with work.

Year 2014 had not get over with and it has already open so many doors for me to expand myself and lead me out of my comfort zone. I can say in this month alone, I had experienced things that make me realized that many feelings in me had been stimulated.

A few examples, I had just finished a Christmas Musical, not coordinated by me *of course* but I did helped out. I guess, it was an eye opener. I seen things that happen in the real world, I see people doing stuff which I am not happy about, personally. I also seen people doing things which are touching. It was all very hectic but I do appreciate those stimulation.

One more example, this semester in academic perspective, I seen that I had left back a lot. I don't know what happen but I am certain that games took a big part of it. LOL. Test results had came back disappointingly but at least I did not get a 0 eh? This semester had been tougher than the semester before but I am sure I will be okay. Things always ended up okay in the end so let's just enjoy it eh?

As for traveling, I am making plans to go to places next year and with God's grace, it would be a success. I won't say much about it right now as paper works are still on the move and I don't think I want to jinx it, don't I?

Next year, 2015, it would be a year where friends will soon leave to enter another phase in life and I am sad. Extremely sad but that is life. People come and go right? So do appreciate the people in your life. They may not be as amazing but I am sure they had taught you a few things in life.

Next year, 2015, I do expect that things will be much hectic than now as it would be my final year soon and final year project is here to torture me. I had took a huge risk in getting a very charming supervisor who is also very good at what he do to guide me along. I decided to choose him as I know that if I do not get someone like him, I would end up like shit. Though there will be many things done under him, I guess, it's a phase for me to work on my patience and stress management. LOL.

One thing I can say is I am excited for the year 2015. It will be a year of blessings, a year of adventure and a year where I will be stepping closer to my goal in life.

I wonder what will happen if I can see the future eh?

eunice gm.

P/S: Back to books!

Aug 21, 2014

22 August- Mourning Malaysia

Hi guys. It's a sad post for Sleek & Pump and for the whole world. As you guys had known, or if not yet know, you are going to know about it, is that this Friday, the 22nd of August, the bodies of our Malaysian friends are coming home. It's a sad day and a happy day I guess. It's sad cause, duhh- it's a tragedy and happy for their family members who can finally lay them to peace and do the expected prayers according to their religion.

Anyway, since it's a mourning day, it is advised to wear black or dark colors to show our solidarity towards the nation. It is advised that the main areas in the cities are supposed to stop any activities they are doing for a minute to respect that timing which is at 10.45am. 

To end this post, I just wanna say I am sorry that this tragedy had happen. I am sorry that our fellow Malaysians and other mankind had passed away but I do know justice will take place to those who are involve. If justice do not takes part on earth, it will be judge in the final hour.

With much love and respect to MH17.

eunice gm.

Travel- Penang | Penang Hill & Others

Read more on Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3

Day 3 was spend on the other side of Penang that we need to use vehicles to bring us over. It was exciting for me when we know the fact that we used 3 different kind of transportation in 4 days, airplane, ferry, and land. It was kinda cool.

The first stop that we went was the Kek Lok Si Temple. It is said to be the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia and on the way up, you can find many shops that sells souvenirs. Since I am a Christian and I am not allowed to go in *according to my mom* and I was not feeling okay with the idea, so I only went to the half peak. There is a huge statue at the peak but did not get the chance to see it. 

Anyway, on the way to the top, there is a place where you can feeds turtles and tortoise. There was so many of them and they are so cute! 

The scenery is a amazing that it can just takes your breath away. Imagine if I were to go up to Mountain Kota Kinabalu, I am sure I would be more than amaze and maybe might faint up there. 

We then head to Bukit Bendera, also known as the Penang Hill. We were lucky as the trains that were supposed to bring us to the top had just finished their renovation and there were so many people who were rushing to feel the new trains. 

If I remember correctly, I spend RM4 here. It's the price for student card and having an IC. It is worth it I would say.

Try this. It's the mixture of the usual "kuda kacang" with "muruku". It taste crispy and soft all at the same time.

There's a love bridge that looks similar to Paris but unique in its own way. 

Can you figure out what we were doing?

Can't go on a real horse? A fake will do. =D

After lunch, which I forgot to take pictures, we head over to Straits Quay where the rich people are known to hang out here. It's nothing much, almost similar to JPO in JB i would say but with air condition. 

We went to "The Library" to hang out and play a good game of "Killer" and it was fun, except I did not get a chance to be a killer. I only got once and I was busted right away. Dang. 

Loving this picture. She just got the feels huh? =D

The evening ended with us going to the Ferringhi Beach where the popular Hard Rock Cafe is. There was people paragliding in the sky and oh how I wish I was in in! 

Our fail flexibility pose and do give a round of applause for that kind dog who tolerate us though we were doing stupid stuff right above him.

Day 4 (Final Day)
It was the day to go home and boy, it was a sad day. We sat on a ferry (again) to go over to Penang and we saw lotsa jellyfish! wee!

A good plate of Mee Rebus makes a good day. 

I look tanned. I am. =________=

We celebrated our two friends whose birthdays are coming up soon and boy, it was a HUGE mess! We bought two cakes from two different shop and then we went to Starbucks to "celebrate" it there so I asked the waitress to hold on to the cake till they are ready to serve it. However, things did not go with the actual plan as their manager showed up and the waitress, supervisor I think, came over to our table, while the two birthday girls was there, and said, "I am so sorry but our manager did not allowed us to bring the cake over. Can you plese collect it at the counter?"

Dang. =______=

I started laughing as the plan was out of control and I don't even know why I started laughing but I just found that it was super hilarrious. We tried so hard to keep it down and poof, it was destroyed. *tsktsktsk*

Everything went well after that and I was glad to be able to be in the plane, home sweet home. =)

It was a fun trip. Laughing was our second food as we kept laughing, even at small stupid things. It was fun to visit Penang and I would be back again. =D

Here is the video compilation of Penang Travelogue. Hope you enjoy it! =D

Part I

Part II

Peace and out!

eunice gm.

Wordless Wednesday #17

eunice gm.

Aug 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #16

It's past midnight but I don't care. XD

eunice gm.

Aug 11, 2014

Adulthood Has Change Me

Long before I begin my blogging life in the year of 2009, I did not expect to see myself still having a blog tod but there sure are some changes that had I gone through.

My writing style had went through a tremendous change. When I was 17, I tend to write down whatever that went through my head every day but stepping into the age of 22, I stop doing that. I realized that I tend to keep my thoughts to myself and stop writing about my life.

That's weird huh? I was so full of passion to write about things that I went through that my ex bofie could somehow know more about me and my thoughts through the blog. It was kinda weird that that had change. Easy to say, I had stop putting my life out for the world to see. I start to focus more on the real people around me and kinda stop all the social stuff in the network.

Another thing that had change with blogging is that in the old days, I tend to say whatever that is on my mind. I can just type out anything and without filter, if I can put it into words. Nowadays? Man, I have to re-read whatever that I wrote to see if I made any "social" mistakes that I might invited unwanted attention.

Ah well, guess I had grown or I am just older in age but it's a good thing to see this part of me growing. I got in touch to my inner self and somehow just grow up a little though this blog suffer a little laa. =D

Well, there it goes. A short ramble from me.

Peace and out people!

eunice gm.

Aug 9, 2014

What It Means To Be Successful To Me?

Heey-llo people of the internet! It's nice to be smelling good and refresh after a good and long shower. It was rest day today and I was supposed to tweet about "What it means to be successful to me?" but I figured that I have WAY too many things on my mind to tweet and 140 words is just not enough!

Anyway, if you do not know from my instagram, I had started my fitness journey three months ago. It was one fine day when one my girlfriend told me that she would like to lose some weight and I had been following a popular fitness tutor, Cassey Ho but never had the thought to follow her through. Since my friend raise that issue, I thought, "Why not give it a try? At least I have a friend with me and things is ALWAYS easier with friends around."

AND my first routine begin. It was for beginner state and it was all well. I was so proud when the calendar was ticked day after day. There are days where we skip (university students here!!) and days where we would eat food that is not supposed to be in our diet. It was also the first time where I start to really see what was I putting into my body. I did watch what I ate after gaining so much weight but this was more intense! I started to choose wisely and like I said, it was much easier with a friend around.

Anyway, fast forward to three months later, my weight did not change much but I have seen what my body could do nowadays. My biceps are slowly showing and my thighs are much stronger than before. My body is changing and it was for the better! Though the weight did not change much, I found out that fitness is not about the weight but about getting healthier and I could see the change in me. My pants had drop one size smaller and I am super surprise about it!

Whoah. I think I ran a little far from the title. >_<

SO here is my meaning of being success.

1. Able to see my body in a lean, muscular and stronger mode AKA Beast Mode.
This is my first thing in mind. To be successful in life, after all that I had been through these few years, it's time to be a better me and what is much better than getting fitter? A fit mind comes from a fit body right? I want to see myself in a place where I had never expect my body to be. I want to see muscles popping (not like cross fit body laa) and be in a stronger place.

2. Able to do 1000 squats.
I am half way through this and boy- I would never imagine that I could do 30 before all this and now I had done 615 squats. It was hard, I will not deny but it was awesome. The aftermath was kinda bad but I was loving it! Soon, I hope to see myself finishing this video.

3. Have a job that I love.
This had been a dream in me since I was a kid. Growing up in a family that tend to lacks things that I would wish to have like, taking up ballet or learning new things, it had thought me that I am not going to have this lifestyle in the future. I want to make a change for myself and only through myself that this can be change.

"I can't control the environment around me but I can control the way I react to it." - Cassey Ho 

Way before I started my fitness journey, this sentence has always been with me. It was so inspiring that I kinda kept it lock in my heart. It also changes the way in how I deal with my family problems at home.

4. Have a house where I could come back home and feel warm.
Like I said, since problems had always been running around in the family, I tend to prefer the outside world and I would really want to have a home where I would feel warm. It's the place where I could feel free and do whatever that I wish to do, without worrying that someone would mind what I am doing.

You know the saying,

"Home is where you lay your head" - Unknown
I don't really agree with it.

"Home is where you can feel safe and warm while house is just a place where you lay your head." - Unknown
Therefore, I am looking forward to having a place where I could come back after work or after a good traveling trip and just get naked and slip under the cover.

There. That kinda sums up what does it mean to be successful in my life. It's my life so of course we have different plans. What are yours? What does it takes to say "I am successful"?

Well, I am far from my "success plan" right now but I know I am working towards it so I am not going to give up.

eunice gm.

Aug 8, 2014

Cafe Hopping - Maco Vintage & Bev C

Hello there! A few days ago, during the Raya holidays to be exact, le girls went around JB town for some coffee and stories. It was a fun day but we went out early in the morning so most of the cafes are not open till late afternoon.

The first spot that we went was the popular JB kopitiam where we had bread, kopi, tea and some mee siam. Their bread is the kind of bread that is slathered with pieces of butter and kaya when it is hot so it smell good and taste good too. 

After that, we head over to the newly man-made beach where it is specially made for the residents of Country Garden. If you not yet visit this place, do go and have a look. It's a romantic place for you mind to relax and connect to the nature. However, there is sea smell though. Obviously, it is not clean enough for people to swim in but you can still see people swimming along the beach.

The next spot that we went were the Hipster Street in Johor Bahru. There are tons of interesting stuff to see and though I had came here many times, I am still amazed by what I had seen. #nokidding

Reshie and Sha with boards with weird art on it and did you noticed Sha's clothing's is almost the same as the painting behind her? 

We then went to Kota Raya for some lunch and a little walk as the cafes that we wanted to visit was not open yet and then we went to our first cafe. This cafe had been featured on this blog for quite some times and I would always recommend their waffles and cakes BUT not their spaghetti. It was horrible! I will say, 4/10 stars. It was not my taste but Reshie likes it so okay laa. At least someone appreciate it right?

The next cafe that we went is the latest talk in town. Behold, *drum rolls* I present you, Bev C!

We were looking for it for quite some time and then, while walking along the hipster street, I suddenly saw their signboard and boy, it is a very interesting sign. It is a shadow from another sign on top of it. Aiyah, it's creative laa! 

It is a combination of a boutique and a cafe on top. The designs in the cafe are kinda interesting and they live with the slogan, "Own your style or stay naked."

It's a cool place with super nice employees. Though it's a little small but it's just nice for a warm afternoon where you want to relax and just chill out with your friends. 

and yup, it's all made out of shirts.

A selfie please! 

The food that is popular here is the mint chocolate pie and their ice drinks which has three different favors. We had milk chocolate espresso and it was good. =D 

Silly camera of mine did not focus so I just make sure it is ruin in a nicer way.

Don't they look tempting? Will go back for more food tasting.

Not much pictures were taken but we sure did share lotsa stories. It was a great day to be able to spend some time with my precious darlings. The day ended well with a girl meeting her's boy and happy every after. Lol.

Restaurants & Cafes:-
54 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, 
80000 Johor Bahru.

Opening hours: 2PM-11PM 

  • Kin Wah Coffee Shop
8 Jalan Trus,
80000 Johor Bahru.

Opening hours: 7AM- noon

eunice gm.

Jul 30, 2014

My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Hello there! It's the holiday season and things are pretty quiet around my neighborhood. Not much fireworks going around and there are few cars on the road. I could speed around 140kmph and that is not a good idea. Do not attempt this action. 

Anyway, I am sure that there are guilty pleasures during this festive season. You know, the amount of cookies that you should consume has gone OVER the limit and I meant OVER means, you are at the second jar of the so-yummy-cookies. So, I guess, I should share what are my top 10 guilty pleasures are.

10. Buying shoes and not looking at the price.
As a full time student who only depends on her's study loan, this is NOT a good idea at all. However, I love shoes to the extend that I would spend money on it and eat maggi for the rest of the month and I did got some good scoldings from friends and family so this guilty pleasure of mine is curb down a little.

Ahh, imagine a place full of shoes which are comfortable and pretty at the same time. Ahh~

9. Laying in bed all day.
I know that many people love doing this and I am not the only one. C'mon, admit it! The bed is the place I hang out the most I think if I am in the room. The first thing that I do when I open my eyes is not to wash up or do any other normal people would do stuff but to play with my phone (on the bed), read a book (on the bed) or just lie in bed looking at the ceiling. It can go on for hours and you can say that my bed is super comfortable for me to be able to hang around so much. There are pillows everywhere and boy, thinking about the bed now makes me wanna go to bed. 

8. Staring at people's nose.
There's one type of nose that I love which is the Twinkle nose. It looks like fairies nose and I just love to look at people with those nose. They are soooo cute! Can someone please share this guilty pleasure of mine?

7. Subway cookies.
I don't know why I love their cookies so much but this is bad. I can purposely drive the car out *it's kinda far from my house* and go find for my Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Auuuw. I am craving it at the moment. =D

6. McD fries.
Speaking about food, who can deny McDonald fries? I can't! Wherever there are fries, I would make sure that it is finish before I head out from there. Its a must whenever I go to McD but since I had been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this simple pleasure of mine must be cut down to once per month. >_<

5. I Love Coffee Line game.
You know about this game? Line users should have heard about it by now and when it comes to this kind of games, I can go crazy, I used to play Hayday but then it kept lagging on my phone so I decided to quit it BUT NOW, I found a new love! It is okay for me to play now but when the holidays is over, I think it would be HUGE trouble for me. 

4. Coffee!
This is the one of the best pleasure that I will always have guilt on! Starbucks, J-co, Cafes around JB, even Penang Kopi would make me go crazy with love. However, because of the "atas" feeling that you get when you "lepak" at cafes, it can make a hole in your pocket so... yeah, a guilty pleasure when you don't earn money as fast as you used up the money. >_<

3. Tweeting... in the toilet.
Yup. You know when you are taking the dump in the loo? Haha. There is two things that I love bringing to the toilet with me. It's the phone and (read No.2). The toilet bowl is the place where all ideas and inspiration comes up you know? *sly smile*

2. Books... in toilet.
Lol. This is embarrassing but I have this habit of mine since I was a young kid and WAY BACK before the smartphone make its way to my life. I would grab my favorite book and head to the toilet for my business to take place. It's quiet and it takes my focus away from my subconscious mind. BUT, this is only done in my own home, okay. I only feel comfortable when I am at home so maybe that's why I have this habit of mine. It's too comfortable. =D

1. Youtube & 9Gag.
Man. This is bad. I can spend hours on those websites and waste one whole day on it. It is a very unproductive activity as I spend those hours looking at people's life, house tours, room tours, DIY ideas and other random stuff that comes up on those websites. Oh boy. Well, at least I don't spend it on movies or dramas eh? LOL. #excuse

Well, that's from me. What about yours? What are your guilty pleasures? 

I think it's okay to have guilty pleasures as long as you know the limit. How can you live life when you can't enjoy the simple thing eh? Like.... reading on the royal bowl? *wink*

eunice gm.

Images are not my credit. Thanks tumblr! =D