Jan 31, 2014

I Share #12

Its Lunar New Year and guess what? i just got back from shopping! ouuuh, i love shopping though today's shopping is all about needs and not wants. i did get a graphic tee for deon though and 2 lip balms from baby lips. i just love baby lips lip balm because they are super cute! ouh2, and i got myself a candle with a vanilla scent too! my lavender scent has finished and since i need a new one, went and got a jar type. i think its much prettier that way?

okaay. okaay. changing gear, for I Share #12,

I am a huge fan of nail polish so i just love to keep a collection of them. i don't really think that i am a collector and even if i am, i think i am the amateur stage? anyway, here is today's random topic to share. 101 nail polish, you are thinking? not really. just some little knowledge on nail polish.

anyway, i found some really good tips to avoid smudging. i hate smudging! especially when i am done with my nail art and poof! the next day, it looks like a horrible piece of shit. seriously. it happens to me uncountable times. i hope this video helps! 

its from CutePolish and i think the timing is kinda tepat cause i usually wait for like 15 minutes for the nail polish to be totally dried but i did langgar the rule of top coat i guess cause my top coat is not really the good kind of top coat. do subscribe to her if you are a fan of nail polish too because her's videos are really good and her voice, i just fell in love with her voice. lol. #fetish

here is an article, 8 Nail Polish Colors Every Collegiate Should Own, written by HerCampus.com where their focus are on people who are halfway between young adult and adult. in this article, it focuses on ladies who are not erally interested in nail polish but as a women, you just got to get one, this is just the right article for you.

this article, 5 Ways To Dry Nails Fast are some good tips. i don't really follow them though cause i believes in the traditional way which is wait while watching some silly videos on youtube. you can try them out though?

before i leave this space, here is a video of an awkward moment.

will be doing a haul post soon! *if i got the time*

eunice gm.

Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

source: link

Happy Chinese New Year 2014! the year of horse has come and time to gallop fast huh?

our family don't really celebrate CNY so no pictures but just a sincere heart wishing everyone happy holiday, happy new year, may all prosperity comes upon you and your family and good health always!

eunice gm.

Jan 30, 2014


joining a giveaway from Miss Najihah. just click the banner above for more details.
*fingers crossed*

eunice gm.

How Does A 20+ Looks Like?


there are quite a number of times where people think that i am younger than i am. well, even guys my brother age tried to "usha" *the word my bro used* me.

like seriously?

how does a 21 years 1 month lady looks like?

seriously. let me know please?

thick make-up? colorful hair? crazy fancy clothes?

brr. *throw things out of window*

i don't know if having a baby face is a good thing or not. haihh. if wanna say that i don't dress like a 22 year old should dress, i also don't get it cause a jeans and a tee does not make a lady looked like a lady meh?

it's not that i wear cropped tees or fluffy skirts right? i know it's not wrong to dress up like that but then, i don't know, but i just don't wear cropped shirts. it's not nice i guess to show people the things that we can actually show our love one. *weetweet*

anyway, the clothes that i usually put on are jeans and blouse. i don't think that shout "She's 17!" huh?



found a good article regarding this issue though. dressing up for 20's? pfft. society and their rules. lol.

eunice gm.

Wordless Wednesday #9

a game that i am currently playing on facebook. 

eunice gm.

man, this post was supposed to be posted yesterday huh? well, it was in my draft folder. brr~ 

Jan 29, 2014

A Letter To My Babe, Nisha

My girl, Nisha has officially step into the year of young adulthood. ya know when someone reaches 21, they can be consider as a youngster still but once 22 comes in, it's all about facing own responsibilities huh?

well, babe, the time has come where you, the oldest *ehem* of us all has to step into the double '2's age. i am sure all these years, you had been through countless of up's and down's right? and of course you had gone through them and came out stronger than before. there's things that will always be hiccups in life but with love from family, strength within yourself, and of course us *ehem again* you can go through it all.

besides, i know you will be a great teacher that will teach those kids to be true to themselves. you had been a quiet girl who always giggles at things but only we know how crazy you will be when it comes to books, knowledge and of course numerology.

*psst, she loooves numerology. just give her your number, she will sure tell you somethings about yourself. gee.*

anyway, stepping into this special age, i just want you to know that we will and always will be here with you through all the phases of your life. don't care if its your 99th year old birthday, if God allows, we will be there. always be a blessing to others sha, cause you have been made to be so special. thank you so much for allowing us into your life babe.

so here, i wanna wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! soon, i don't think i will be able to say your age, so here we go!

she's 22!! sweet 22!

next year, no more age reveal eh?

happy birthday once again darling.

i love you!

eunice gm.

Jan 28, 2014

Sweet 21 Birthday Celebration

CAUTION! i don't know what happen to my bloggie but the size of this pictures became mega huge. super sorry for the fugly pictures that you guys need to bear with. >_<

While looking through my blog post, i realized that i did not posted any birthday celebration beside this post here huh? this post is long overdue man but its okay la hor? at least the post is here now eh? there's a saying, Better late than never huh? *smile sheepishly*

anyway, on 12.12.2013, we went to IT Roo Cafe and had our dinner there since there are a few of my girls who had not went there before. we then went to Maco Vintage, this is my third time there? posted on it here and here.

and of course, i had Tiramisu. i am addicted to this flavor and had not jumped to any other tiramisu in town. you just got to try this if you are around JB area. there's another branch in Taman Sutera and since their cakes are provided from the same vendor, you don't have to worry about difference in the texture.

we spend quite some time over there before heading back to uni and that was before taking lotsa crazy and hilarious photos. i don't know if i should post it all since there are many of it. some are similar while some are just us being crazy.

then, we head back to the lake in uni. they then presented me a box filled with their love in it. it was a box filled with notes from each and everyone. even my darling senior said her piece in there. it was nice to received something like that eh? full with love and care and touchy feelings. and of course, the tears came down. they will be leaving soon and i know i should cherished this remaining time with them.

soo, that 21 years old special day ended just like that. ouh2, i shared my birthday with a classmate of mine so they gave us a birthday cake but i did not get to taste it since i was rushing back to my dorm that afternoon. dang.

i can be pretty serious huh?


the cake has arrived! weee! i was drooling away when the cake arrived.

happy birthday to me!

ouuuuuh, heavens! =D


my ladies. =)

that's my roomie people!

normal people.

crazy people. 


they were trying to get their revenge on me since i was being quite a disturbance that night. geesh.

aren't she cute? 

one last picture before the barista in there said, "With christmas tree also wanna take photo?" errk. =_______=

well, stepping into the year of a 21 year old girl, there was no special transformation or anything special. it was just another day but you gain an extra number but to have these people remembering my birthday, i felt blessed. it was really an honor to have these beautiful and awesome people in my life. 

thank yooou soo much to all who had been a part of my 21st birthday celebration! 3 birthday cakes in one year. wee. *though i missed one*

eunice gm.

Jan 27, 2014

Midnight Thoughts and Flies

do you a situation like this where you want to sleep early but because you have been so use to going to bed late that when you try to close your eyes, your body just would not let you sleep? instead, all kind of thoughts, and plans and super great inspiration will come at that moment that makes all the sleepy hormones run away?

i am having it right now.


i plan to go into bed by 2am and right now? 3am. pfft.

this is the moment where you toss and turn with all your might but still can't fall asleep because of unknown reasons. so i decided to bring down my blanket *it's shivering here*, pillow and my mr. elmo for companion and incase i feel like sleeping downstairs.


i hate it when moment like this happen. how i wish i am that kind of person that can lay her's head and straight away goes into slumber land.

all i can think of right now is how to get more money so that i can go for traveling trips, buy more clothes and make up *LOL* and more bags and shoes, which then leads me to think that i am being to materialistic and that i should just focus on going to places and eating yummy food.

then my thoughts run to the past when i was in high school, in matriculation, in university, till now, which all makes me frustrated, embarassed, regretted, laughed and cried *at times, tonight is not the night*. ahh well, emotions sure know when is the right time to hit huh?

so here i am, blogging away. ahhhh~

nevermind, since i am in here, let me tell a story.

deon shared it with me. he told me that his friend got a little wound on his last toe, the size of a pea, and a fly landed on it. deon pointed that out to him but he ignored it and after 20 minites or so, he felt a tingly sensation and when he looked at his toe, there were about more than 5 flies stuck to that wound. he quickly tend to it and realized that the wound had got bigger, to a size of asam seed. he rushed to the doctor and doctor told him that if he had come later, he would have his little toe amputed. man, creepy huh?

and nowadays, he had to inject his leg, take medicines, and clean out the maggots *which apparently, the flies managed to lay inside his wound the size of pea* for the whole 6 months. crazy huh? 6 months!

when deon told me that i was shocked but i did once saw a video about flies laying eggs in cows and humans hair so it is not possible. however according to google, *the effect of staying awake at this timing*, flies don't usually do that unless the wound is open, but a size of pea? wow, that wound must have had been in a bad condition.

besides, the flies that lay eggs in cows and humans are actually called the bot fly which are usually found in South America. euuw, a little gross out of it right now. there are many videos on the web. it's super geli.

here's a video for you guys if you are not freaked out by this.

well, i am going to continue with videos of these flies and see how gross they can be. lol.

goodnight, and i hope i can sleep after this. brr. maybe around 6am only will be going into slumber land.

eunice gm.

Jan 26, 2014

Easy Peasy Nutella Recipes To Try


i am a huge lover of nutella and all my friends and family can be my witness. now you know what to get me for my birthday huh? *wink eyes*

anyway, since i love nutella, i went to mr google to find out any other different ways to consume nutella in a different way and since i do not have ovens or baking essential, i got to make do with easy recipes that do not required baking.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

this recipe is taken from this link.

what you need is just 1 cup of full cream milk, 2 table spoons of nutella, and heat it all up with medium heat. whisk it around and let it melt! tadaaa! one hot chocolate milk make from nutella!

Grilled Peanut Butter Nutella and Banana

well, the whole process can be found here but i think it can be change into something similar like french toast. so, i decided with this recipe. it's similar just that there is no grilling involve and i think it would taste more heavy if we were to batter the bread with egg with a pinch of salt? what do you think?

ingredients that are needed are:

- 2 slices of bread
- smooth, creamy peanut butter
- nutella spread
- 1/2 banana
- unsalted butter, softened *i use the usual butter though*


1. heat the pan to medium heat.
2. spread one side of the bread with peanut butter and the other with nutella. add slices of banana and close the sandwich.
3. butter one side of the bread and place it on the pan, spread a layer of butter on the other side while the sandwich is cooking.
4. cook until lightly golden and flip to the other side. cook again until golden and remove from heat.
5. let cool for a moment so it does not burn your mouth and enjoy!

i think this is a good breakfast huh? but with peanut butter and butter, i think it would be too heavy lor so some people may not like it.

for those who have ovens and all the cool cooking gadgets at home, you can go to this website to try any of the recipes. maybe one day, when i have those cool gadgets yea?

there's one recipe that i would like to try but there are waay to many ingredients that i can't find at home. here is the link. it's banana nutella and oatmeal pancakes. i think it would make a great breakfast too huh?

  • http://www.chef-in-training.com/2013/06/over-50-mouthwatering-nutella-recipes/
  • http://www.pinterest.com/feline5/nutella-desserts/
psst, i'm on pinterest. www.pinterest.com/misseugm

there is it. time to finish off my nutella! it's almost down to quarters right now. =(

eunice gm.

Jan 24, 2014

I Share #11

heyheyhey! heyheyhey! i know you want it. i know you want it.

lol. if you don't know, that is a few line lyrics from the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

soo, heeyoo!

on I Share #11, i'm gonna talk about monogram. know about it?

let me show you a example yea?

What is a monogram? A monogram tells a story. It suggests who we are or want to be, puts forth our views on marriage, tradition, and individual identity not to mention the wonderful things it does for linens, stationery and silverware. A monogram consists of a person's initials — usually a variation on the first, middle, and last name—and much has been written about proper monogram etiquette. 
to simplified it,  monogram is something similar to your identity as you usually use your initial names to be put on personal items, emails and many more laa that can identify you as you.

you can try it by going to this "Make Your Own Monogram" website and try it out for yourself! it's kinda fun to have your initials on files cover, books for classes and even on personal items in uni. hehe.

when i found out about these monograms thingy, i went gaga and cover most of my files and books with my own initials. i went crazy! ahah!

a prints screen image for my file folder as i did not bring my super mega huge file from uni. 

and here is my initial as a single strong women. lol. M is not my last name by the way but everyone seems to think that is my last name. ah well, i don't even have a last name. #blameitonfamily

and here is something that i would use for everyday use. something simple and nice. 

well, you can read more on monogram etiquette here than maybe you can understand more.

soon, if you got a hand on it, don't you go gaga and overtake me with too much monograms huh? =D

psst, psst, don't this necklace looks cute?! can someone just buy this for my valentine present? or perhaps birthday present? Christmas present? or any present? heheh.

goodbye! gonna find more monograms design to be print out. gee!

eunice gm.

Jan 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #8

reading. a hobby that stuck with me since i was a little girl. 

eunice gm.

Jan 21, 2014

Old Stories To Be Recorded

Good evening!

it's 11.25pm, does that count as evening? *i hope so*

well, i wanted to share my experience on going to the wet market today but then while looking through my pictures on phone, i realize there are just so many pictures that i wanted to share on bloggie but just did not have the time.

so here it goes.

this morning, mom and i went to the wet market in Johor Jaya. it's been so long since we last went and bought groceries as mom stopped cooking for quite some time due to healing from her's operation a few weeks back. and, stepping into this particular Johor Jaya wet market, memories just flashed back like nobody business. i can say it was the happiest time of my childhood as we stayed in JJ for quite some time when i was around 5-6 years old.

one memory: The tomato

we were buying vegetables for a fish dish and mom wanted to get some tomatos. since i was 5/6, i had not really tasted tomatos that often so when i saw one cute little one, i quitely wanted it for myself so i took it and slip it into mom's basket. she paid for it and i got what i want but boy, that marks the time i hate tomatos forever.

while she was preparing to cook, she realize that there was one extra tomato, so she figured that i was the one who took it and you know how tomatos are cooked with fish don't you? it's kinda raw. i still remember the taste when she nag at me and asked me to finish that tomato. yucks! it was soggy, wet, sour and it has a weird taste and from that day onwards, i don't eat tomatos.

nowdays, i do learned though since i am stepping out of childhood but i won't specially go looking for tomatos. yucks.

memory two: Kittens

i remembered that there were many kittens around the wet market and i would spend most of my time looking for those kittnes, running away from mom's eyes and ofcourse, never ever makes a busy woman mad, she yelled me down in fear that i might be gone and yeah, i had to forgo my intentions of playing with the kittens. sometimes, when she got the spare time, she lets me play with them.. for a few minutes but then, that was it.

ahh, memories.

today, after 17 years, i finally steped back into the old world that was once familiar to me. boy, things had changed. things became smaller *cause i became bigger* and there are just so many things to see!

since hitting the "marrying age", i tend to have the intentions to be a good housewife, going to market with my helper, getting some groveries so that i can cook for my husband and kids. well, i don't know if i can do well in this role. let's just say its just a dream eh? hahah.

aren't they pretty? geez.

by the way, there is a new private library that open in Sutera Mall and though their arrangement of books is a little weird but i still feel excited seeing so many books around me. a great place to hang out if you are studying for exams. warning though, there might be kids who just don't understand the sign "shhh" and "no running". tsktsktsk. 

it kinda looks like i am stalking this library eh the way i took this picture? lol.

a poem that i thought was beautiful. it speaks about the women body. 

my girlfriend and i, wasting our time in here while waiting for our other friends get done with their CNY shopping. 

well, there are other photos but i think this post is getting a little too long la hor? better don't make it too bored. 


leaving with a question: 

Why does the time pass so slow when i am at home? i am gonna die out of boredom soon.

eunice gm.

Jan 16, 2014

I Am A Free... Unicorn


final is over and spring break is here!

though malaysia do not have the four seasons but as long its a break, who cares right? waking up late in the morning, going to bed late at night, eating anything that i want without thinking about the money in my pocket, getting to go anywhere anytime i want. heaven!

far from heaven but at least i get some break time from books, assignments and of course the whole university! *though i know i will be missing them soon* ahh well, just let me enjoy the holidays for now. 3 weeks and i have to get home! it's gonna be fast if i do not cherish the moments. ahah!

anyway, just wanna update my list to do during the spring break.

1. eat clean food.
in uni, i had spend most of my time eating food that just makes my body system dirty. urgh, fried food, oily food, too sweet or too salty. all got to go!

2, blog!
of course this is a must! but i don't think i got things to blogged about. let's see about it. thinking of doing something with bloggie but i got no idea. where on earth and when on earth am i gonna start on this, i am not sure.

3. clean up room.
ouh yea. room is in a mess. does this happen to you guys? after coming home from uni, there is always something amiss at home. hmmph.

4. do 2013 travel book.
soon to do. had been going a few places and had been collecting some precious moments mementos. will put them into good use after this.

5. do traveling piggy bank.
a MUST. there had been some rumors going around that i might be going somewhere. if it really happen, will blogged about it.

6. finish those books that i had bought and borrowed.
ho ho ho! heaven! books and a cup of tea! ahhh~

7. do new semester (sem 4) timetable.
done this. i am ready for the new semester. err, not now. soon. =D

8. clean up university table.
also done. there's just too many stuff on desk. all are being recycled and revive for other purposes.

9. reschedule doctor's appointment.
i hope this can be done. there might be a small operation but i don't know how it would be when school is starting in three weeks time. >_<

10. print out song book .
a church thinghy.

11. paint!

time to start moving!

first stop, let me just finish my RM episode first okay?

eunice gm.

happy holidays! *to those who are having it laa*

Jan 13, 2014

A little Break From the Viral World


do you always have your phone with you? 24/7? internet? twitter? facebook-ing? tumblr-ing? or blogging?

well, i do.

my phone is a blackberry *no money for a better phone* and it is back up with RM20 per month of internet usage so my phone is ALWAYS on with line. twitter is 24/7 while facebook is when i am in the mood for humans. heey, twitter is the only place where we turns into narcissistic and who gets bored with oneself? its all about me, me and me, and some little gossips along the way. people practically bitch their lives in there huh? *that's me*

starting jan 1 2014, i stopped having this data with me and i start putting my phone aside. it's always on for messages and phone calls only, which i am not really that interested into so phone is always left somewhere where i don't go and get it till i start realizing that it is missing.

and i begin to realize, heey, there is a whole world around me that i did not stop and take it all in.

since it's exam week, i walked a lot. from one place to the other, and i would say its a long way. alone. so what i used to do in the past is that i will put my phone in front of me and keep myself update on twitter or any social media. with my earphone is my ear, and phone in my hand, ofcourse eyes went straight to phone and nothing else, not the beautiful world around me.

and since phone is nothing to me nowadays, only earphone stays while my eyes begin to see what is around me, besides getting blocked by my umbrella sometimes. pfft. wind is crazy in here.

and today, i realize, i put too much attention on phone that i missed out on nature.

have you realize that we always take out our phones and start snapping away when something beautiful comes out? then, we spend another few minutes trying to choose the best filter and then another few minutes to upload the picture and another few minutes when someone commented about it. by the end of the day, we can only see the view from our camera's eyes and not our own eyes. we ended up so busy with technology that we forgot to experience the beauty that is before us.

it's crazy isn't?

well, my time has come for me. i need to continue with one my life. ahah. blogging is also part of my life laa but there's others things need to be done.

well, this year, 2014, learn to put down the technology and focus more on what is going on around us. it may not be this simply for us to experience it in the future.


P/S: one paper to go! i can smell spring break!

eunice gm.

Jan 11, 2014

I Share #10


on I Share this week,

she had been called "The most ugliest woman" in the world but she changed it all to love. she talks about defining yourself. do you let the world, the negativity to define you or do you let your ownselves do the definition of your life. a good motivation talk.

a dance by fake old people but try to imagine if its really happen. imagine if our grandparents could dance like this. WOW. maybe our generation might be like this?

that's all for this week.

it's a little too little but exams had been on the heat.

xoxo for now,
eunice gm.

Polar Vortex in America

hey there!

heard about it? a polar bear is sitting on the huge map of America, causing people to stay cold and temperature running haywire.

nah, that would be awesome if we could found a polar bear huge enough to do that. lol.

anyway, according to this link, polar vortex is a persistent, large-scale cyclone. they are usually found either the north or south poles. it is rare for them to swing as far as to affect densely-inhabited areas. they are winds sweep around the area at 100mph, typically trapping the cold air in the Arctic.

the temperatures across the united states were expected to plunge to their lowest levels for 20 years, as almost half of the population were trapped under what is known as a "polar vortex".

the wind chill from the rare climatic phenomena could make it feel as cold as -60 Fahrenheit (-51 celsius) in places, prompting authorities in several towns and cities to issue warnings that people should stay indoors and stock up on food. schools and highways were closed for the sake of keeping people in. exposed skin could suffer frostbite in as little as five minutes in such conditions, experts warn.

had you realize that these few days had been kinda cold. i am a lover of coldness and i love to sleep with fan blasting away, even on raining days but these few days, the cold had been trying to kill me that i could not get any wink at all at night. is it affecting Asia side too? i doubt snow will hit us but seeing that the temperature is dropping so low, could it be the work of polar vortex?

last night, i went owl-ing, the gathering of juniors and seniors, and man, the midnight air was dang chilling! it was so cold that it send shivers down to my bones! i wonder if i could manage if i were to go to places which have snow. i love the idea but kinda worry if my body could adapt to it. hahah.

by the way, found this. cool huh?

frozen bubble anyone?

a mom and her son had took advantage of the cold weather and went out to blow bubbles and look at the results here. it was so beautiful and so magical! well, i guess there were some benefits of the cold weather eh?

i hope this will pass soon too. too much havoc in our weather is not a good sign for us, humans. world is ending? hmm. 

a thought to ponder before i am gone.

eunice gm.

Jan 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #7

not a huge fan of WW but since i got things to post. why now? ;)

my colorful law notes. 
i need all the magic later on. 

eunice gm.

Event Planning

i know. i know.

Exam mode is on and yet i still have events to plan eh? well, that is us, Human Resource Development people! we play hard! we laugh hard! we study *ehem* hard! we do everything hard! hmm, that sounds a little weird.

anyway, seniors are going to face internship real soon, let me see, *counting* about 3-4 weeks and they will be working adults? therefore, to make it a formal event, we decided to have a little party among ourselves and celebrate their graduation and saying goodbye. *sobsob*

we all decided to have a steamboat party since steamboat is muchmuchmuch easier than having BBQ which always produces un-cook chicken, and it's just simple chinese tradition! *which reminds me that CNY is around the corner*

the juniors, which is us, are in-charge of games annnd, it's a little tough when it comes to this as there are just too many games and we got to put so much thought into it! the game must not/shall not be too cheap, must not be too awkward, must not be too hard or too easy.

and in the end, we had come to 2 games.

Running in trials *name still unknown*

this game is basically the traditional game which ties people's legs and they need to walk to the end of somewhere. we decided to add a little spice to it by adding trials onto it. well, it's still in the planning process but i was thinking, why not just as them to munch on food and run all the way back? that would be hilarious! XD

the next game would be...

Balloon Bomb *name also unknown*

i hate this game to bits but when there's fun, things might go a little crazy so don't let me be the party pooper eh? balloons will be tie to each individual which will be divided into two teams *we have 13 people, with one acting as the game master* and the goal of the game is to make sure the other teams are having lesser balloons. the team with the most balloons at the end of the time given is the winner.

we also came out with ideas like, the rocky stick game *something like RM* but after much discussion, it might turn into one huge awkward thing so we think it is better to skip it altogether.

ouh2! and the game, "Honey i love you"

the rules can be found here. something like no smiling involve if not mistaken? it's one interesting game and i just can't wait to see their silly faces. *i'm in too. ahah*

soo, we need to find extra games to fill up the blanks. besides, we need some table games to help us all relax after those running games.

if there are pictures, i will be posting it but if there isn't then there isn't.

all the best for those with exam tomorrow! i'm having law! =__________=

eunice gm.

Jan 6, 2014

Exam Mode On

ahh well, i better admit it.

i don't seems to be acting like i am having my finals right now. there's 5 papers, running straight from the 7th till the 15th, which also means it will be starting in about... 24 hours?

well, for the subject tomorrow, i can say i did not really get all deep in it as its objective and the lecturer had decided to put us in the rank of a little above "sea" level as he is a super ridiculous guy who got mad just because we skip one of his class due to having a university activity. well, what can we say eh? we did apologize though i don't really get the meaning behind it since he should know that university students does lots of activity all year round. besides, it's only one class eh? when there are many students who skipped the class super many tiems? *sigh* just because we are too obvious i guess. ahh well.

life as a student. *frown*

this time round, i can say that the papers are not really that easy compare to the previous semester. this year, there are hardcore subjects which i am still facing trouble after one whole week of looking through it all. there's two subjects that are a little shaky at the moment and i just can't find someone that can help me to stabilize it. i;m afraid that i am going doooown~

i hope i won't drop too down though. i still wanna maintain my first class degree when i graduate. ahah!

well, i just can do what i can right now and just hope for the best.

may the odds forever be in my favor! lol.

a little something that i do when i get bored with words, numbers and books. 
cam whore~ or maybe the new word in 2013.
selfie. =)

eunice gm.