Jan 29, 2014

A Letter To My Babe, Nisha

My girl, Nisha has officially step into the year of young adulthood. ya know when someone reaches 21, they can be consider as a youngster still but once 22 comes in, it's all about facing own responsibilities huh?

well, babe, the time has come where you, the oldest *ehem* of us all has to step into the double '2's age. i am sure all these years, you had been through countless of up's and down's right? and of course you had gone through them and came out stronger than before. there's things that will always be hiccups in life but with love from family, strength within yourself, and of course us *ehem again* you can go through it all.

besides, i know you will be a great teacher that will teach those kids to be true to themselves. you had been a quiet girl who always giggles at things but only we know how crazy you will be when it comes to books, knowledge and of course numerology.

*psst, she loooves numerology. just give her your number, she will sure tell you somethings about yourself. gee.*

anyway, stepping into this special age, i just want you to know that we will and always will be here with you through all the phases of your life. don't care if its your 99th year old birthday, if God allows, we will be there. always be a blessing to others sha, cause you have been made to be so special. thank you so much for allowing us into your life babe.

so here, i wanna wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! soon, i don't think i will be able to say your age, so here we go!

she's 22!! sweet 22!

next year, no more age reveal eh?

happy birthday once again darling.

i love you!

eunice gm.

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