Jan 13, 2014

A little Break From the Viral World


do you always have your phone with you? 24/7? internet? twitter? facebook-ing? tumblr-ing? or blogging?

well, i do.

my phone is a blackberry *no money for a better phone* and it is back up with RM20 per month of internet usage so my phone is ALWAYS on with line. twitter is 24/7 while facebook is when i am in the mood for humans. heey, twitter is the only place where we turns into narcissistic and who gets bored with oneself? its all about me, me and me, and some little gossips along the way. people practically bitch their lives in there huh? *that's me*

starting jan 1 2014, i stopped having this data with me and i start putting my phone aside. it's always on for messages and phone calls only, which i am not really that interested into so phone is always left somewhere where i don't go and get it till i start realizing that it is missing.

and i begin to realize, heey, there is a whole world around me that i did not stop and take it all in.

since it's exam week, i walked a lot. from one place to the other, and i would say its a long way. alone. so what i used to do in the past is that i will put my phone in front of me and keep myself update on twitter or any social media. with my earphone is my ear, and phone in my hand, ofcourse eyes went straight to phone and nothing else, not the beautiful world around me.

and since phone is nothing to me nowadays, only earphone stays while my eyes begin to see what is around me, besides getting blocked by my umbrella sometimes. pfft. wind is crazy in here.

and today, i realize, i put too much attention on phone that i missed out on nature.

have you realize that we always take out our phones and start snapping away when something beautiful comes out? then, we spend another few minutes trying to choose the best filter and then another few minutes to upload the picture and another few minutes when someone commented about it. by the end of the day, we can only see the view from our camera's eyes and not our own eyes. we ended up so busy with technology that we forgot to experience the beauty that is before us.

it's crazy isn't?

well, my time has come for me. i need to continue with one my life. ahah. blogging is also part of my life laa but there's others things need to be done.

well, this year, 2014, learn to put down the technology and focus more on what is going on around us. it may not be this simply for us to experience it in the future.


P/S: one paper to go! i can smell spring break!

eunice gm.

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