Jan 8, 2014

Event Planning

i know. i know.

Exam mode is on and yet i still have events to plan eh? well, that is us, Human Resource Development people! we play hard! we laugh hard! we study *ehem* hard! we do everything hard! hmm, that sounds a little weird.

anyway, seniors are going to face internship real soon, let me see, *counting* about 3-4 weeks and they will be working adults? therefore, to make it a formal event, we decided to have a little party among ourselves and celebrate their graduation and saying goodbye. *sobsob*

we all decided to have a steamboat party since steamboat is muchmuchmuch easier than having BBQ which always produces un-cook chicken, and it's just simple chinese tradition! *which reminds me that CNY is around the corner*

the juniors, which is us, are in-charge of games annnd, it's a little tough when it comes to this as there are just too many games and we got to put so much thought into it! the game must not/shall not be too cheap, must not be too awkward, must not be too hard or too easy.

and in the end, we had come to 2 games.

Running in trials *name still unknown*

this game is basically the traditional game which ties people's legs and they need to walk to the end of somewhere. we decided to add a little spice to it by adding trials onto it. well, it's still in the planning process but i was thinking, why not just as them to munch on food and run all the way back? that would be hilarious! XD

the next game would be...

Balloon Bomb *name also unknown*

i hate this game to bits but when there's fun, things might go a little crazy so don't let me be the party pooper eh? balloons will be tie to each individual which will be divided into two teams *we have 13 people, with one acting as the game master* and the goal of the game is to make sure the other teams are having lesser balloons. the team with the most balloons at the end of the time given is the winner.

we also came out with ideas like, the rocky stick game *something like RM* but after much discussion, it might turn into one huge awkward thing so we think it is better to skip it altogether.

ouh2! and the game, "Honey i love you"

the rules can be found here. something like no smiling involve if not mistaken? it's one interesting game and i just can't wait to see their silly faces. *i'm in too. ahah*

soo, we need to find extra games to fill up the blanks. besides, we need some table games to help us all relax after those running games.

if there are pictures, i will be posting it but if there isn't then there isn't.

all the best for those with exam tomorrow! i'm having law! =__________=

eunice gm.

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