Jan 6, 2014

Exam Mode On

ahh well, i better admit it.

i don't seems to be acting like i am having my finals right now. there's 5 papers, running straight from the 7th till the 15th, which also means it will be starting in about... 24 hours?

well, for the subject tomorrow, i can say i did not really get all deep in it as its objective and the lecturer had decided to put us in the rank of a little above "sea" level as he is a super ridiculous guy who got mad just because we skip one of his class due to having a university activity. well, what can we say eh? we did apologize though i don't really get the meaning behind it since he should know that university students does lots of activity all year round. besides, it's only one class eh? when there are many students who skipped the class super many tiems? *sigh* just because we are too obvious i guess. ahh well.

life as a student. *frown*

this time round, i can say that the papers are not really that easy compare to the previous semester. this year, there are hardcore subjects which i am still facing trouble after one whole week of looking through it all. there's two subjects that are a little shaky at the moment and i just can't find someone that can help me to stabilize it. i;m afraid that i am going doooown~

i hope i won't drop too down though. i still wanna maintain my first class degree when i graduate. ahah!

well, i just can do what i can right now and just hope for the best.

may the odds forever be in my favor! lol.

a little something that i do when i get bored with words, numbers and books. 
cam whore~ or maybe the new word in 2013.
selfie. =)

eunice gm.

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