Jan 30, 2014

How Does A 20+ Looks Like?


there are quite a number of times where people think that i am younger than i am. well, even guys my brother age tried to "usha" *the word my bro used* me.

like seriously?

how does a 21 years 1 month lady looks like?

seriously. let me know please?

thick make-up? colorful hair? crazy fancy clothes?

brr. *throw things out of window*

i don't know if having a baby face is a good thing or not. haihh. if wanna say that i don't dress like a 22 year old should dress, i also don't get it cause a jeans and a tee does not make a lady looked like a lady meh?

it's not that i wear cropped tees or fluffy skirts right? i know it's not wrong to dress up like that but then, i don't know, but i just don't wear cropped shirts. it's not nice i guess to show people the things that we can actually show our love one. *weetweet*

anyway, the clothes that i usually put on are jeans and blouse. i don't think that shout "She's 17!" huh?



found a good article regarding this issue though. dressing up for 20's? pfft. society and their rules. lol.

eunice gm.

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