Jan 16, 2014

I Am A Free... Unicorn


final is over and spring break is here!

though malaysia do not have the four seasons but as long its a break, who cares right? waking up late in the morning, going to bed late at night, eating anything that i want without thinking about the money in my pocket, getting to go anywhere anytime i want. heaven!

far from heaven but at least i get some break time from books, assignments and of course the whole university! *though i know i will be missing them soon* ahh well, just let me enjoy the holidays for now. 3 weeks and i have to get home! it's gonna be fast if i do not cherish the moments. ahah!

anyway, just wanna update my list to do during the spring break.

1. eat clean food.
in uni, i had spend most of my time eating food that just makes my body system dirty. urgh, fried food, oily food, too sweet or too salty. all got to go!

2, blog!
of course this is a must! but i don't think i got things to blogged about. let's see about it. thinking of doing something with bloggie but i got no idea. where on earth and when on earth am i gonna start on this, i am not sure.

3. clean up room.
ouh yea. room is in a mess. does this happen to you guys? after coming home from uni, there is always something amiss at home. hmmph.

4. do 2013 travel book.
soon to do. had been going a few places and had been collecting some precious moments mementos. will put them into good use after this.

5. do traveling piggy bank.
a MUST. there had been some rumors going around that i might be going somewhere. if it really happen, will blogged about it.

6. finish those books that i had bought and borrowed.
ho ho ho! heaven! books and a cup of tea! ahhh~

7. do new semester (sem 4) timetable.
done this. i am ready for the new semester. err, not now. soon. =D

8. clean up university table.
also done. there's just too many stuff on desk. all are being recycled and revive for other purposes.

9. reschedule doctor's appointment.
i hope this can be done. there might be a small operation but i don't know how it would be when school is starting in three weeks time. >_<

10. print out song book .
a church thinghy.

11. paint!

time to start moving!

first stop, let me just finish my RM episode first okay?

eunice gm.

happy holidays! *to those who are having it laa*

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