Jan 27, 2014

Midnight Thoughts and Flies

do you a situation like this where you want to sleep early but because you have been so use to going to bed late that when you try to close your eyes, your body just would not let you sleep? instead, all kind of thoughts, and plans and super great inspiration will come at that moment that makes all the sleepy hormones run away?

i am having it right now.


i plan to go into bed by 2am and right now? 3am. pfft.

this is the moment where you toss and turn with all your might but still can't fall asleep because of unknown reasons. so i decided to bring down my blanket *it's shivering here*, pillow and my mr. elmo for companion and incase i feel like sleeping downstairs.


i hate it when moment like this happen. how i wish i am that kind of person that can lay her's head and straight away goes into slumber land.

all i can think of right now is how to get more money so that i can go for traveling trips, buy more clothes and make up *LOL* and more bags and shoes, which then leads me to think that i am being to materialistic and that i should just focus on going to places and eating yummy food.

then my thoughts run to the past when i was in high school, in matriculation, in university, till now, which all makes me frustrated, embarassed, regretted, laughed and cried *at times, tonight is not the night*. ahh well, emotions sure know when is the right time to hit huh?

so here i am, blogging away. ahhhh~

nevermind, since i am in here, let me tell a story.

deon shared it with me. he told me that his friend got a little wound on his last toe, the size of a pea, and a fly landed on it. deon pointed that out to him but he ignored it and after 20 minites or so, he felt a tingly sensation and when he looked at his toe, there were about more than 5 flies stuck to that wound. he quickly tend to it and realized that the wound had got bigger, to a size of asam seed. he rushed to the doctor and doctor told him that if he had come later, he would have his little toe amputed. man, creepy huh?

and nowadays, he had to inject his leg, take medicines, and clean out the maggots *which apparently, the flies managed to lay inside his wound the size of pea* for the whole 6 months. crazy huh? 6 months!

when deon told me that i was shocked but i did once saw a video about flies laying eggs in cows and humans hair so it is not possible. however according to google, *the effect of staying awake at this timing*, flies don't usually do that unless the wound is open, but a size of pea? wow, that wound must have had been in a bad condition.

besides, the flies that lay eggs in cows and humans are actually called the bot fly which are usually found in South America. euuw, a little gross out of it right now. there are many videos on the web. it's super geli.

here's a video for you guys if you are not freaked out by this.

well, i am going to continue with videos of these flies and see how gross they can be. lol.

goodnight, and i hope i can sleep after this. brr. maybe around 6am only will be going into slumber land.

eunice gm.

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