Jan 21, 2014

Old Stories To Be Recorded

Good evening!

it's 11.25pm, does that count as evening? *i hope so*

well, i wanted to share my experience on going to the wet market today but then while looking through my pictures on phone, i realize there are just so many pictures that i wanted to share on bloggie but just did not have the time.

so here it goes.

this morning, mom and i went to the wet market in Johor Jaya. it's been so long since we last went and bought groceries as mom stopped cooking for quite some time due to healing from her's operation a few weeks back. and, stepping into this particular Johor Jaya wet market, memories just flashed back like nobody business. i can say it was the happiest time of my childhood as we stayed in JJ for quite some time when i was around 5-6 years old.

one memory: The tomato

we were buying vegetables for a fish dish and mom wanted to get some tomatos. since i was 5/6, i had not really tasted tomatos that often so when i saw one cute little one, i quitely wanted it for myself so i took it and slip it into mom's basket. she paid for it and i got what i want but boy, that marks the time i hate tomatos forever.

while she was preparing to cook, she realize that there was one extra tomato, so she figured that i was the one who took it and you know how tomatos are cooked with fish don't you? it's kinda raw. i still remember the taste when she nag at me and asked me to finish that tomato. yucks! it was soggy, wet, sour and it has a weird taste and from that day onwards, i don't eat tomatos.

nowdays, i do learned though since i am stepping out of childhood but i won't specially go looking for tomatos. yucks.

memory two: Kittens

i remembered that there were many kittens around the wet market and i would spend most of my time looking for those kittnes, running away from mom's eyes and ofcourse, never ever makes a busy woman mad, she yelled me down in fear that i might be gone and yeah, i had to forgo my intentions of playing with the kittens. sometimes, when she got the spare time, she lets me play with them.. for a few minutes but then, that was it.

ahh, memories.

today, after 17 years, i finally steped back into the old world that was once familiar to me. boy, things had changed. things became smaller *cause i became bigger* and there are just so many things to see!

since hitting the "marrying age", i tend to have the intentions to be a good housewife, going to market with my helper, getting some groveries so that i can cook for my husband and kids. well, i don't know if i can do well in this role. let's just say its just a dream eh? hahah.

aren't they pretty? geez.

by the way, there is a new private library that open in Sutera Mall and though their arrangement of books is a little weird but i still feel excited seeing so many books around me. a great place to hang out if you are studying for exams. warning though, there might be kids who just don't understand the sign "shhh" and "no running". tsktsktsk. 

it kinda looks like i am stalking this library eh the way i took this picture? lol.

a poem that i thought was beautiful. it speaks about the women body. 

my girlfriend and i, wasting our time in here while waiting for our other friends get done with their CNY shopping. 

well, there are other photos but i think this post is getting a little too long la hor? better don't make it too bored. 


leaving with a question: 

Why does the time pass so slow when i am at home? i am gonna die out of boredom soon.

eunice gm.

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