Jan 11, 2014

Polar Vortex in America

hey there!

heard about it? a polar bear is sitting on the huge map of America, causing people to stay cold and temperature running haywire.

nah, that would be awesome if we could found a polar bear huge enough to do that. lol.

anyway, according to this link, polar vortex is a persistent, large-scale cyclone. they are usually found either the north or south poles. it is rare for them to swing as far as to affect densely-inhabited areas. they are winds sweep around the area at 100mph, typically trapping the cold air in the Arctic.

the temperatures across the united states were expected to plunge to their lowest levels for 20 years, as almost half of the population were trapped under what is known as a "polar vortex".

the wind chill from the rare climatic phenomena could make it feel as cold as -60 Fahrenheit (-51 celsius) in places, prompting authorities in several towns and cities to issue warnings that people should stay indoors and stock up on food. schools and highways were closed for the sake of keeping people in. exposed skin could suffer frostbite in as little as five minutes in such conditions, experts warn.

had you realize that these few days had been kinda cold. i am a lover of coldness and i love to sleep with fan blasting away, even on raining days but these few days, the cold had been trying to kill me that i could not get any wink at all at night. is it affecting Asia side too? i doubt snow will hit us but seeing that the temperature is dropping so low, could it be the work of polar vortex?

last night, i went owl-ing, the gathering of juniors and seniors, and man, the midnight air was dang chilling! it was so cold that it send shivers down to my bones! i wonder if i could manage if i were to go to places which have snow. i love the idea but kinda worry if my body could adapt to it. hahah.

by the way, found this. cool huh?

frozen bubble anyone?

a mom and her son had took advantage of the cold weather and went out to blow bubbles and look at the results here. it was so beautiful and so magical! well, i guess there were some benefits of the cold weather eh?

i hope this will pass soon too. too much havoc in our weather is not a good sign for us, humans. world is ending? hmm. 

a thought to ponder before i am gone.

eunice gm.

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