Jan 28, 2014

Sweet 21 Birthday Celebration

CAUTION! i don't know what happen to my bloggie but the size of this pictures became mega huge. super sorry for the fugly pictures that you guys need to bear with. >_<

While looking through my blog post, i realized that i did not posted any birthday celebration beside this post here huh? this post is long overdue man but its okay la hor? at least the post is here now eh? there's a saying, Better late than never huh? *smile sheepishly*

anyway, on 12.12.2013, we went to IT Roo Cafe and had our dinner there since there are a few of my girls who had not went there before. we then went to Maco Vintage, this is my third time there? posted on it here and here.

and of course, i had Tiramisu. i am addicted to this flavor and had not jumped to any other tiramisu in town. you just got to try this if you are around JB area. there's another branch in Taman Sutera and since their cakes are provided from the same vendor, you don't have to worry about difference in the texture.

we spend quite some time over there before heading back to uni and that was before taking lotsa crazy and hilarious photos. i don't know if i should post it all since there are many of it. some are similar while some are just us being crazy.

then, we head back to the lake in uni. they then presented me a box filled with their love in it. it was a box filled with notes from each and everyone. even my darling senior said her piece in there. it was nice to received something like that eh? full with love and care and touchy feelings. and of course, the tears came down. they will be leaving soon and i know i should cherished this remaining time with them.

soo, that 21 years old special day ended just like that. ouh2, i shared my birthday with a classmate of mine so they gave us a birthday cake but i did not get to taste it since i was rushing back to my dorm that afternoon. dang.

i can be pretty serious huh?


the cake has arrived! weee! i was drooling away when the cake arrived.

happy birthday to me!

ouuuuuh, heavens! =D


my ladies. =)

that's my roomie people!

normal people.

crazy people. 


they were trying to get their revenge on me since i was being quite a disturbance that night. geesh.

aren't she cute? 

one last picture before the barista in there said, "With christmas tree also wanna take photo?" errk. =_______=

well, stepping into the year of a 21 year old girl, there was no special transformation or anything special. it was just another day but you gain an extra number but to have these people remembering my birthday, i felt blessed. it was really an honor to have these beautiful and awesome people in my life. 

thank yooou soo much to all who had been a part of my 21st birthday celebration! 3 birthday cakes in one year. wee. *though i missed one*

eunice gm.

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