Feb 28, 2014

I Share #16


how was your week? chaos? hectic? fun? adventure? 

mine went well but it was kinda boring as i was stuck at home with a wounded leg. btw, i went for dressing this morning and i just found out that i got 5 stitches for that small wound. man, it is super ugly but at least the cyst is gone right?

anyway, for this week #IShare.

head on to this website where they show you hilarious reaction of people in a hunted house. like seriously, that was how i looked like when i went into the haunted house in Sunway Lagoon? ahah! i wish i got a picture of that experience!

second link to check out is mommy and daughter that skilfully rocks! the mom said that she does not consider herself as a crafty material but then, i can't even think of doing that! that is obviously arts the mama! here at buzzfeed got more stories. go check it out! she is super cuteee! 

well, that's all for today! got to run!

i am craving for some mcnuggets! omo! >_<

eunice gm.

Feb 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #13

source: [link]

a new phone to replaced my dropped-into-toilet-bowl phone.

eunice gm.

Feb 24, 2014

Sweat Gland Cyst

hey there!

yesterday, on the 23rd of February, i went for my minor operation to get rid of a small lump that had been my companion for about a few years. i am not really sure how long it had been there but i do know it had changes its color from skin color to a darker color, something that looks like the blood vessels is gonna burst or something.

anyway, i was fully conscious when the operation happen and man, i was nervous! i kept counting my heartbeat sound *the machine that monitors my blood pressure* and i kept taking deep breath. the doctor, thank God it was all women in there, kept talking to me but man, can't she just keep quiet and do her job?!

it was around 9am that the operation started. i was given 3 jabs of anesthesia and then they begin their job. they did covered me with blankets to avoid me from seeing the process i guess but there was a lamp above me, you know the lamp that helps to shine brightly? and it was a reflective mirror so if i were to look up, i could see what they were doing. though the image is not clear but i sure can figure our blood and the knife. ahah.

it was super cold in there. if it is not mistaken, it is to make sure bacteria doesn't grow much as bacteria can't be active in cold temperature. 

while she was doing it, she suddenly said,

"this is a sweat gland cyst la eunice"
"ahh? what's that?"
"sweat got clot in there but we will send it for diagnosis first."

i don't' know what on earth is that but i do know what is a cyst. never heard of sweat gland cyst before though. just got to wait for the report in 6 weeks time.

finally, around 9.45am, i was released and am allowed to go home. the pain after the anesthesia reduce, was horrible but bearable. 

will be going back from the diagnosis after 6 weeks from now and boy, i stinks right now from not showering! >_<

know any food that can speed up the healing process?

eunice gm.

Feb 23, 2014

Back From Segamat!

heyyoo! do you miss me? do you miss me? did you miss me? did you miss me?

okaay. that was annoying.

but even if you don't miss me, i miss yooou! err, blog laa. =P

anyway, i just got back from my 2N2D trip from segamat and there are tons of stories to tell but because of my body betraying me right now and i got a minor op tomorrow morning, i think i am going to leave the spicy bits some other day.

be patience with me eh?

but leaving one picture laa. one selfie.


okay. maybe one more. can you guess what i am eating? =D


Feb 20, 2014

I Share #15

hello! an early I Share this week as i will be leaving for a few days so i am afraid that i won't get the chance to do anything in Sleek & Pump lor.

anyway, have you heard of the latest addicting song, Monchichi?

well, here is it!

this music video had the collaboration of Joseph Germani, one of my favorite youtuber and also my favorite "sister". SHE IS SUPER CUTEEE! don't you think so? ahah! #girlcrush

and here, one quiz for you to find out what psychic power you should have and obviously, with the image above, i got telekinesis.

You should have the power to move objects with your mind. you want to impose order on your surroundings, and get agitated when you cannot.

yeah, i think i am going to agree with this as i hate to lose control over a situation. sounds kinda bad huh? i hate it when things go out of hand but then, that is life. things memang tend to go out of hand sometimes. >_<

one last video before i go off and start packing! *and yeah, i not yet start packing though i have to leave the house at 1.30pm*

it's crazy huh? the world, the society standard of beauty. it's super scary when you see the imperfections of yourself taken away, to quote one of the lady in the experiment.

check it out and tell me, what is the meaning of beauty to you?

eunice gm.

Maybelline Giveaway Has Arrived!

weeee! lady luck was smiling on me when i joined this giveaway by blogger Sherlyn Goh!

i forgot what i had posted but then, one week ago, she suddenly tagged me in her post,

Giveaway Winner The 4 lucky winners are: 

Eunice Gm: Maybelline lipstick and loreal lipstick 
Cheryl wennee: Maybelline lipstick and Magnum Mascara 
Elynn Goh: BB mousse and Magnum Mascara 
恩柔: BB mousse and Loreal lipstick 

Kindly inbox me your full name, mailing address, contact number and email address in 24 hours 

gee, i din think that i could get anything but yea, i got it. =D

and today, it arrived in the mail, just when i decided it was a good day to come home! at least, i don't have to wait for super duper long time *a week* to check out the goods inside right?

well, i am not really a pro in make up but i do love it when i can get some make up. heey, who don't like Loreal or Maybelline goodies huh?

anyway, here it is! can't wait to try out the color soon! =D

behold! here is the Loreal Riche lipstick. don't ask me anything about it. i don't know a thing. lol. but i am kinda excited to see some lipstick in my make-up bags! =D

cute huh? geez!

and here is the maybelline color sensational lipstick. hmm, a little too red for me. i wonder if i am bold enough to bring it out for the world to see.

did not use any filters for the lipstick color as i don't really want the filters to disturb the original color. soo, what do you think? ahah!

am i brave enough to bring it out? hmmm. wait till i get a lip liner la hor? >_<

eunice gm.

Feb 19, 2014

Book Review: Shanghai Girls

Author: Lisa See

In Shanghai, 1937, two sisters, Pearl and May, a dragon and a sheep respectively grow up in a "comfortable" way. however things took a turn on them and they need to be married off to "Golden Mountain Men" also known as Chinese who are born in America, who were looking for wives. these modern sisters tried to avoid it but Pearl got raped by Japanese *spoiler* and they went through lotsa difficulties before meeting their husbands in America. however, they got a daughter between them and that was their hope and their joy in their so called new lives. *can't let out more spoiler*

a book about history, culture in that era, and how these women had been strong for each other. you can also see the strong bond between the Chinese in America. heey, growing up in a stranger land is no fun okay? =)

a good book, i would say. but if you hate history, i don't think you would like it as much as me? i love books that connects me to those era, where things are different from nowadays so yeaah, i had tons of them at home. =D

rate: 7/10 

eunice gm.

P/S: i went to the library yesterday and borrowed 8 books. i looked like a nerd when i check it out at the check out kiosk but who cares, i got my books! =D

wanted to borrow the maximum number, 10 but i got no more strength in me. >_<

Book Review: Julia's Child

Author: Sarah Pinneo

Julie Bailey, a mother of two cute boys who is also a mompreneur who tries to work off her butt on her's baby, "Julia's Child", a company that makes organic baby food. it is hilarious and i think mommies would love it as there are recipes in there too to try out. 

it talks a lot about how business is drawing this family apart and how her kids handled her's absence. Julie's kids are kinda cute in this book. there was one scene where it was Halloween and Julie decided to replaced those toxic candies with her own muffets that she had baked extra but when her first son saw what she was doing, he ran and hide those muffets and replaced the treats with his own. when Julie asked him about it, he answered,

"you can't sell those muffets! you worked so hard for it! you need to sell it!"

cute huh? imagine a 6 year old boy saying that to a hard working mom? kinda "ouch" but still! >_<

conclusion, i can say its a book that is hilarious at some times but kinda boring at some other times.

Rate: 5/10 

eunice gm.

Wordless Wednesday #12

source: [link]

hello segamat, see you in 24 hours time. 

eunice gm.

Feb 18, 2014

Book Review: Anna Dressed In Blood

hello there! reading is one of my many hobbies and the need to share books that i had read had been so great but never done it before, i meant on a daily kind of basis. however, it was the reason why i jumped into blogging world. i was only 17 when i was introduced to the world of blogging as if i wanna join NILAM, a programme organized by our nation to instilled reading habits among the younger generation, i need to share my thoughts on books that i had read. it was the first and the last review of books and i don't know if i had ever share any other books that gave me the pleasure. lol.

anyway, let this be the first post la huh? =D

Author: Kendare Blake

A boy who "killed" ghost with his special blade and it brought him to a town where he needs to killed Anna, a girl dressed in red. she is dressed in red due to being slit down her throat and her white dress, which she intends to wear to the dance was soak up with her's own blood. slowly, Cas, the hero, gets to know more about her and her cruel story and the fact that he is the only guy who manage to walk out of Anna's house without being teared into pieces. 

a story about a forbidden love between a ghost girl and a boy who kill ghost. it left me yearning for more when i am done with one pages. i would say this is a good book for those who love horror fiction stories. 

Rate: 9/10 as i think this is more suitable for horror fans in the age of 13-17. 

eunice gm.

Feb 17, 2014

42 Wedding Pictures Ideas

well,well,well, everyone knows when a girl steps into a age where the number '2' sits at the front, she always think about bells ringing aren't they? pictures and places to held the wedding, and even the gifts to take home needs to undergo a very long process before coming to a decision.

as for the pictures, don't say laa. this wan cannot, that wan cannot, this is not fresh enough, this is too simple. well, here we go, a fun list to copy or to take note for future weddings!

head over to buzzfeed.com to find out more! its too many ideas to share in here and i had already pin it to my "Bells Ringing" board so that i am ready when the day comes. lol. #kiasu

i really love the  num 6, 7, 10, 15, 20, 23 and num 40. superb ideas to be used when you are collecting your wedding memories!

eunice gm.

source: buzzfeed.com

Feb 15, 2014

I Share #14

hello there! it has been a hectic week for me with new lecturers, messed up classes and so many assignments that need to be handle with a calm head! 

okaay. i'm freaking out. *breathinbreathout*

anyway, for I Share this week, i did not have much time to hang around the net but here it goes!

this video is about a cat trying to apologize to the other cat and what happens at the end was super hilarious! credits to 9gag.

Candle, a short film from 987fm, a singapore radio channel. the two guys character are a few of my favorite radio DJ's from 987fm.

"Time is a candle's flame and what burns are the minutes we live."

wanna know when you should get married? go over to this link and check it out! what this app will do is it will analyze your friends profile and it will obtain a median on when you should married. well, you saw mine? ahah!

i am left with 1 year, 8 months and 8 days to get married! man! where can i find a man! ahah!

but on serious note, many of my friends are getting married or are already married. i wonder why eh? 22 is just too young to get married eh? well, it's also up to this people la hor? soo, happy married people!

ouhouh! a friend of mine got married this morning! congratulations girl! =D

eunice gm.

Feb 13, 2014

Bloggie Tip: How To Insert Link Into Blog Comments


there are so many giveaways and segments that are super inviting to join huh and leaving comments is super interesting too but how do we give them a hyperlink so that they can visit us back?

well, i was looking around google to find an idea on how to insert "Sleek & Pump" instead of the usual https://blahblahblah into blog comments when i found this!

soo, i decided to share lor since i need it for my future comments and maybe you guys can use it too? but don't use for wrong reasons eh?

okay, let's get to business and let's see if this can be a simple version.

all you need to do is copy this code.

<a href="http://justmeandeu.blogspot.com/">Sleek & Pump</a>

type whatever things that you need on the comment page, and add on this HTML code.

on the pink text, paste your url link, which can be obtained from the top page of the website *like the picture below* and on the green text, that is going to be your shown text.

so here is how it looks like if you paste the HTML code:

and this is how it looks like after posting your comment.

cool huh?

well, i am a little lame for not knowing this earlier but at least now i know. =D

credit: [link]

eunice gm.

Disclaimer: i do not own the code to this tutorial as i am not THAT familiar with HTML code. they give me the creeps but i do own the pictures in this post.

LOL. wtf.

Jokes Around Dorm U7

ask anyone around our dorm and they will tell you that we are super duper noisy when we are all together. we laughed like nobody business and sometimes i do felt a little sorry for our neighbors cause they have to hear our super loud "gym".

source: [link]

anyway, here are a few conversations that make us burst into stitches.

One of my girl, Peipei can't drive and we were discussing that all ladies should learn how to drive so that we won't have to depend on our men in the future and that was when the stories about driving came out.

Joke 1:
one of our university acquaintance was driving on the road one day when she saw a long line of cars with their double signal on. she thought it was a trend or something was happening on that day so she followed them along and put on her double signal too. around 15 minutes later, she realized that she was actually following a chinese funeral procession.

silly? totally. ==" 

Joke 2:
my friend, Mad, was driving with her mom on the right *the fast lane* when many cars suddenly moved towards the left side of the road. she thought maybe she was driving too slow but then she saw a white shirt policeman on a bike, waving a stick, always used by policeman wan laa. he was waving it real hard and she thought what was he up too. she quickly check if their road tax had expired or something is wrong with the car but then the policeman catch up and shouted,

"tepi! tepi! orang besar nak lalu!!!"


Joke 3:
do you know that when we applied for JPJ, we are actually paying more than we have too? the extra money that we paid are usually given to the JPJ's examiners so that they can close one eye while we are sitting for the test, the outside circuit wan laa. how true is this, i am not sure but i do guess it is true in some places or else why would we have so many sucky drivers yea?

anyway, there was this story that a guy could not drive properly that even his "pao" money was given back to him as he was too sucky. imagine that. you tried to pay your way through and ended up being rejected. totally embarrassing!

Joke 4: 
changing gear, it is about my blog.

okay, i was telling them that i got a dream for Sleek & Pump in year 2014.

"Guys, i got a dream for my blog."

Full of confidence, i answered, 

"I want to gain 500 followers by the end of this year."
"ouh? how many you have right now?"

it was actually quite a serious mood when we were talking about this and i replied,

"now ah? got 56 only"

and when they heard my answer, they all burst up laughing. 

i know it sound a little bit ridiculous but nothing is impossible right? i mean, a dream won't be a dream if it doesn't scares you right?

and of course, it became a laughing topic to them since then. *sigh*

"we thought you already have like 400+ followers."
"eh eh, try to calculate how many followers that she need still."
"wow! 444 laa!"
"go and create a blog laa then go and follow her so that her dream will come through."


well, there are many other stories that make us laugh so much. now, i know why we don't gain so much weight when we are in uni, we laughed too much. 

anyway, laughing is the best medicine right? ahah!

source: [link]

eunice gm.

Feb 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #11

source: [link]

having a great day today. =D

eunice gm.

Segmen 12 Jam Bloglist #7 Mialiana.com

Pencarian bloglist bagi bulan Mac dan April 2014 di Mialiana.com bermula pada hari ini, 12 Februari 2014, iaitu tepat jam 11.00 pagi sehingga 11.00 malam nanti. Semua dijemput join.

Syarat-syaratnya :
  1. Follow blog Mialiana.com, Add To Circle Google+ Mia Liana dan Like Fanpage Mialiana.com
  2. Buat entri bertajuk Segmen 12 Jam Bloglist #7 Mialiana.com
  3. Copy coding yang telah disediakan dan paste kan ke dalam ruangan HTML dan Publish entri.
  4. Tinggalkan URL entri anda ke dalam ruangan komen INI
Senang dan mudah bukan?

12 blog yang bertuah akan dipilih oleh random.org dan kepada yang terpilih nanti diminta agar memasukkan blog Mialiana.com ke dalam bloglist mereka juga. Keputusan pemenang akan diumumkan pada 28 Februari 2014.

tunggu apa lagi... jom support Mia Liana ya...

Feb 11, 2014

The Story Behind "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton

yesterday, while over thinking in the shower, this song suddenly hit me. in the past few years, i had lost people who are precious to me and i guess i was feeling a little emotional? this song brings comfort when you really understand the meaning behind it. you know what people said don't you? you only understand the song when you are really in need of it.

anyway, i know about this song a long time ago but its only today that i decided to read more about it.

Eric and his boy, Conor [source]

here is the story.

Conor Clapton, a boy born out of the marriage of Eric Clapton and Lory Del Santo on 21 August 1986 died after falling from a 53-story high apartment and landed on a 4-story roof top. he was only four and a half when he died and it was the day when Eric wanted to bring him out to the zoo.

it was all an accident but you got to watch the video for more information.

Eric retreated and the song "Tears in Heaven" was created for the loss of his son. it is really a touching song when you finally understand the words and his story.

"Tears in Heaven"

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?

I'll find my way
Through night and day,
'Cause I know I just can't stay
Here in heaven.

Time can bring you down,
Time can bend your knees.
Time can break your heart,
Have you begging please, begging please.

Beyond the door,
There's peace I'm sure,
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven.

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

Appreciate the people around you. you never know when they might be taken away from you. be kind to one another because you never know when you can get the chance to do that again.

R.I.P Conor Clapton.

eunice gm.

Feb 8, 2014

IMax Experience and Great Chocolate Lava Cake

Yesterday Reshie and i went and got our identity cards changed. it was a spontaneous plan and since i hate my picture on the identity card and reshie herself still have her primary 6 face on her IC, we went ahead lor. after waiting for like for one and a half hour, we finally got to wait for 2 weeks before getting our new IC. wee! kinda excited! lol.

btw, when i was paying for the card, which by the way is RM10, the gentle lady and i had a conversation.

"tak ready ke bila ambik gambar ni?" *pointing to my current IC*
"ah-ah. nak buat paspport tapi tak sangka kena tukar ic jugak"
"rambut tak sikat?"
"heheheheh..." *the only thing i can do is sengih as much as i can*

dang. if i were to post my current picture, i am sure you guys will agree with her. my hair look horrible and for one whole year plus that i had this ic with me, many people had took second look of my actual face to confirm that that picture is really me. dang.

and while taking my picture, i asked if i could smile and the reply that i got?

"nak sengih pon boleh dik."

and of course i smiled. widely. =D

i checked the image after that and i think its kinda okay? i hope it do come out like what i had seen. >_<

while taking our breakfast, i suddenly asked if reshie would like to catch a movie in IMax experience since it is new in Jb and of course us, being the spontaneous type, we went ahead. make a quick phone call to another girlfriend and off we went.

oh boy, the movie experience was....AWESOME!

seriously. i rate it 9/10! it lost one mark due to it being a little too loud for me *we sat right in the middle, L14 and L15* but i guess guys would love that since it was a movie that involves lotsa guns sound and the music was insane! it is Robocop movie btw. what do you expect eh? of course there's guns involved. well, i went ahead with the movie for the sake of the experience and not the movie itself. heh. i am not really a gun lady.

well, it was an awesome experience cause it is really clear and boy the screen looks like its bend? no wonder the image is good? i don't know. i am not a pro eh? but i really do like the experience of being in there.

the popcorn sucks though. i asked for caramel popcorn but what i got on that day was just not my taste. did TGV change the recipe of caramel popcorn or did my taste bud went wrong? hmmm. the whole popcorn was left on the chair but eventually it dropped to the floor after the show end. boo popcorn.

ouhouh, before that, we went to Al Amigos for a quick dessert while waiting for the show to start. we were looking for something sweet and poof, their menu state something that reads "chocolate lava *somethingsomething*" if not mistaken and we tried lor. it was gooooood. =D

i don't really like the food at al amigos but boy, that dessert was good. but still can't kalahkan Delicious wan laa. they still rocks. gee!

and ouhouh, i spend rm55 for a piece of cadigan that i shared with reshie. the original price was at rm59 but if you get 2, you get each for rm40. and a singlet for rm15. all from cotton on and i am a HUGE fan of cotton on. wee! it was a good waste of money though that money was meant to be spend on my food before pt hits in? dang. i wonder what am i going to survive on.

ahah. who cares? food can be found anywhere if i am not fussy huh?

last night in own bed tonight.


eunice gm.

P/S: it seems all random things are thrown into this post eh? ouh, the price for IMax tickets were rm19 each on a thursday.

source of image: reshie's insta

Feb 7, 2014

I Am A Caged Unicorn Soon

boo. holiday is coming to an end in 24 hour? hmmph. i can't imagine that 3 weeks had gone by just like that. dang.

source: [link]

regarding this post, i listed down a few things that i planned to achieve right? well....

1. eat clean food.
f*** this. i ate mcdonald in the middle of the night around 1am but... only one time so acceptable la hor? but the cookies that i had telan these few days. hmmp. boo eunice.

2. blog.
i did a good job in this i assume? *small voice* Sleek & Pump did went through a great renovation right? and i did kept blogging so good job eu! *pat on back*

3. clean up room.
err, i can say its 90% done? i said that cause the room is in a mess again right after i cleaned it up. dang. untidy eunice you got here. ahah!

4. do 2013 travel book.
okaay. this wan i slack back a lot! printer went out of ink and i am waiting for the computer fair to come along which did not happen when i have the money so i can't do much. in the end, all the materials are chuck somewhere *i got to find out where*

5. do traveling piggy bank.
ouhouh! i did a cute wan. though its not that pretty but as long got a place to keep money in for my dream right?

6. finish those books that i had bought and borrowed.

7. do new semester (sem 4) timetable.

8. clean up university table.
check! but i think got to clean up again tomorrow. sure 3 weeks dust is going to be an ugly sight.

9. reschedule doctor's appointment.
errm, yup. done this and i am going for minor operation on the 23th of February. wish me all the best and pray that the scar won't be too ugly that i dare not to show it to people!

10. print out song book.
not done due to printer breakdown. not my fault eh? >_<

11. paint!
wtf. how can i possible have this idea in the first place eh? i think i am lappie most of the time. it's official! i am a internet addiction! can someone please send me to rehab center!?!?

anyway, holiday is coming to an end and i am glad that i had been PROACTIVE for the past few weeks. there had been stuff done too like shopping, blogging, playing game, catching up on movies. i am sooo gonna miss it all.

semester 4 is here and i really hope that things will go well this semester. my results drop kinda bad last semester and i hope i can do well to cover up for the previous semester? hmmp. wish me luck? nah-ah, luck are for losers aren't they? lol. all the best then. >_<

all the best to those who are going back soon!

eunice gm.

I Share #13


friday is here and tomorrow is time to go back to uni! *sobsob*

anyway, here is things that is kinda cool to share with you guys.

one of my favorite Disney song, "Let It Go" has been sung by a man and he did a really great job out of it! amazing huh?

since valentine is coming soon, on the 14th of february, here is a cute video on how to attract your valentine. but... i don't think it will work with humans?

ouh, here is a defence video against those who talked bad about mcdonald. gee, i do know that mcd has its disadvantage and i dare not to say how true can this video be but whatever it is, eat healthy. if you wanna eat mcd or any fast food chain, go ahead but always remember to ratio it with 1:50 of mcd and clean food.

maybe 1:50 is a little over la hor? >_<

anyway, here is my emoji from What Type Of Emoji Are You? it states that i am a,

You're a trendsetter. stylish, primped and pampered, you never leave your house looking less that 100 percent. you appreciate the finer things in life and are not afraid to show it.

seriously? ahah. i don't think its true as i can just go out with a messy bun of 2 day not washed hair *oppz* so can that be consider as 100 percent? lol. but i do like to make sure that i am presentable la when i go out. soo, what emoji did you get? =D

eunice gm.

Feb 5, 2014

"I Want Your Crap?"

Deon and i were watching a cooking show and the main dish was crab. i am a huge lover of crab and of course while the show was going on, i kept making weird noises.


and then i suddenly shouted,

"I want your crab!"

Deon looked at me with one funny look and said,

"What? why on earth do you want their crap for?"

i was blurred cause i did not catch it in the first place and then he started laughing.

ahh well, i only realized that i pronounced "crab" as "crap" which is also the same meaning as shit. man, why do i want shit. dang.

eunice gm.

Bloggie In Trouble!

if you had been following Sleek & Pump, you would know that it had gone through construction a few days ago and that some things had changed around here. well, i used this template from this site as i find that its kinda neat and though i am not a neat person, i love neat blogs okay? it just makes me love it more and that is why i tend to follow blogs with neat design. aren't they cute? #bias

anyway, since it is new, i tested out every little links and i did found some problems with this new template. there's a "post comments(atom)" thingy below each blog post and when i clicked it, it just don't seems to make sense and since i am not a pro with html, i though, "f*** it. just ignore it then".

and then, i thought it is ready to see the world but how wrong was i. this morning, i received a message from Kak Mia regarding this GA. she told me that she could not post comments on my blog and hellya, i freaked out! lol. *thanks Kak Mia*

how can a blog be a blog if it can't received any comments right? and i tried to settle it lor. rupa-rupanya, i had it in embedded form instead of the pop-up window. fuhh. thank God it was a small problem that could be settle without a pro. or else, i have to call in people to settle this. ahah!

and it seems that this blog template can only use pop-up comments. well, i hope this settle the problem since like i said, a blog without a place to comments is not really a blog after all. it's like a narcissist place? lol. 

i just hope that nothing bad will go wrong anymore. >_<

thanks again Kak Mia. i would not have know if it wasn't for you. *sobsob*

eunice gm.

Wordless Wednesday #10

Trying to work something out with the comments session. dang. 

eunice gm.

Facebook LookBack

when blogger Wan Hazel posted this, and i watched it, i was like....

can you like imagine that facebook keeps every little details?

ouh, i do know that facebook knows every single things, including the messages that we send to our friends as they need to "pantau" everything that happens on their site but then, its a little scary huh?

i wonder how they did that but congrats Mark and the facebook team. facebook had been a great use for me since i don't know when. ahah.

 anyway, happy birthday facebook! it's their 10th year in the business. cool huh? because of a small project in uni and it went viral to millions of people in the world today.

source: [link]

ouh, by the way, if you wanna see your facebook lookback video, log in to your profile and click this [link] to view your own history in facebook.

eunice gm.

Feb 4, 2014


joining another giveaway from Nabila Medan's blog.

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Giveaway 5K Dunia sebenar Shida

Joining a giveaway from Dunia Sebenar Shida. Hope that there is a little luck on my side?

Assalammualaikum, peace upon you.
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Small Shopping Haul

okaay, a "hutang" post.

a few days ago, i went to Watsons, Popular, and Daiso to get some stuff. there's not many stuff that i get but it was more than usual since i don't really go shopping.

anyway, i got myself lip balm cause there was a youtuber who recommended this so i decide, why not go and have a look at it? both are different as the pink glow colors is according to our body chemical so the color will change according to our blood type? as for the red color lip balm, it lets out a red color and it glows too so it looks like you are wearing lip gloss instead of lip balm. cool huh? it's like hitting two birds with one stone as it shine like a lip gloss and gives the advantage of a lip balm. ahh~ soft and supply lips for the rest of the day!

but i don't really like the pink wan cause it kinda makes my lips look pale? i don't know. maybe it's my body reaction but i still use it once in a while kot. 

i then went to daiso, a shop that sells Japan's items all at the price of rm5. sometimes you can get real good stuff there but sometimes the thing is just not worth it. for example, i brought a stationary organizer for only rm5 and i think its really worth it. its quite okay too the quality but if you were to buy normal cotton buds or tissue? its just not worth it?

 ouh, i brought this vanilla candle and i was actually searching for lavender but there wasn't any. so, just got to go with this. it's okay though but the smell is not that strong like my old lavender candle. 

next stop was popular, my favorite bookstore ever. i was searching for cute crocodile clips for my planner and all i found are ugly ones. you know, those black and white type? euuw, anddd i saw this! it is super cute right? geez, except for the checkers box clip. i hate the color. since it did not sell one alone, i was forced to buy it for rm3.90 if not mistaken? not really a good waste of money but i just love it!

and this, as stated in the picture, it's nail foils where you stick it to your nails and file of the remaining. well, i hate it. i don't hate the application cause i think its kinda cool but i just hate the hello kitty design. i am not a fan of hello kitty at all and i just don't know why did i got it in the first place. seriously,  a waste of rm10. 

the outcome of those hideous nails. how is it? ahah! too childish for me i guess? 

before logging off, pictures of Deon and me. how do we look? black and yellow? ahah!

and yeah, i went for red and gold this time of the year. it's a first time for me since it is consider a bold color for me.

P/s: holiday is gonna end soon~ =(

eunice gm.

Feb 3, 2014

New Look of Sleek & Pump

fuhh! *wipe sweat*

before the holidays begun, i jotted down in my planner that i am going to do something with the blog design since i had it since the beginning of time which was one year ago? but then because of lack of time *i had been avoiding it* because editing html can be lotsa work and maybe a little tipsy laziness?

anyway, this afternoon, right after i woke up, i decided to do something about it and tadaaaa!

i spend a total number of 6 hours on this darling baby of mine and there it is. like it? or is the older version better?

well, i kinda like it but kinda don't like it? it's due to the reason that i was having a real hard time with the editing just now. my favicon was giving me so much trouble that i just felt like giving up. it's time for a new favicon since the old version, which was elmo is a little childish for me now? i still love elmo though. =D

and then there was the pages thingy that just would not bug to the top of the header. it kept coming back to the side bar and i just got sick of it so i just deleted the whole thing so now if there is any new readers, they can only know me through my social network and by reading my old stories. ah well.

anyway, i am not popular wadd so i don't think that thing is gonna be much use though so whatever laa. =D

i am beat up liao. finger felt like breaking. even typing is a little too hard for me right now. got to rest tomorrow. 


eunice gm.