Feb 17, 2014

42 Wedding Pictures Ideas

well,well,well, everyone knows when a girl steps into a age where the number '2' sits at the front, she always think about bells ringing aren't they? pictures and places to held the wedding, and even the gifts to take home needs to undergo a very long process before coming to a decision.

as for the pictures, don't say laa. this wan cannot, that wan cannot, this is not fresh enough, this is too simple. well, here we go, a fun list to copy or to take note for future weddings!

head over to buzzfeed.com to find out more! its too many ideas to share in here and i had already pin it to my "Bells Ringing" board so that i am ready when the day comes. lol. #kiasu

i really love the  num 6, 7, 10, 15, 20, 23 and num 40. superb ideas to be used when you are collecting your wedding memories!

eunice gm.

source: buzzfeed.com

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