Feb 5, 2014

Bloggie In Trouble!

if you had been following Sleek & Pump, you would know that it had gone through construction a few days ago and that some things had changed around here. well, i used this template from this site as i find that its kinda neat and though i am not a neat person, i love neat blogs okay? it just makes me love it more and that is why i tend to follow blogs with neat design. aren't they cute? #bias

anyway, since it is new, i tested out every little links and i did found some problems with this new template. there's a "post comments(atom)" thingy below each blog post and when i clicked it, it just don't seems to make sense and since i am not a pro with html, i though, "f*** it. just ignore it then".

and then, i thought it is ready to see the world but how wrong was i. this morning, i received a message from Kak Mia regarding this GA. she told me that she could not post comments on my blog and hellya, i freaked out! lol. *thanks Kak Mia*

how can a blog be a blog if it can't received any comments right? and i tried to settle it lor. rupa-rupanya, i had it in embedded form instead of the pop-up window. fuhh. thank God it was a small problem that could be settle without a pro. or else, i have to call in people to settle this. ahah!

and it seems that this blog template can only use pop-up comments. well, i hope this settle the problem since like i said, a blog without a place to comments is not really a blog after all. it's like a narcissist place? lol. 

i just hope that nothing bad will go wrong anymore. >_<

thanks again Kak Mia. i would not have know if it wasn't for you. *sobsob*

eunice gm.


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