Feb 18, 2014

Book Review: Anna Dressed In Blood

hello there! reading is one of my many hobbies and the need to share books that i had read had been so great but never done it before, i meant on a daily kind of basis. however, it was the reason why i jumped into blogging world. i was only 17 when i was introduced to the world of blogging as if i wanna join NILAM, a programme organized by our nation to instilled reading habits among the younger generation, i need to share my thoughts on books that i had read. it was the first and the last review of books and i don't know if i had ever share any other books that gave me the pleasure. lol.

anyway, let this be the first post la huh? =D

Author: Kendare Blake

A boy who "killed" ghost with his special blade and it brought him to a town where he needs to killed Anna, a girl dressed in red. she is dressed in red due to being slit down her throat and her white dress, which she intends to wear to the dance was soak up with her's own blood. slowly, Cas, the hero, gets to know more about her and her cruel story and the fact that he is the only guy who manage to walk out of Anna's house without being teared into pieces. 

a story about a forbidden love between a ghost girl and a boy who kill ghost. it left me yearning for more when i am done with one pages. i would say this is a good book for those who love horror fiction stories. 

Rate: 9/10 as i think this is more suitable for horror fans in the age of 13-17. 

eunice gm.


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