Feb 19, 2014

Book Review: Julia's Child

Author: Sarah Pinneo

Julie Bailey, a mother of two cute boys who is also a mompreneur who tries to work off her butt on her's baby, "Julia's Child", a company that makes organic baby food. it is hilarious and i think mommies would love it as there are recipes in there too to try out. 

it talks a lot about how business is drawing this family apart and how her kids handled her's absence. Julie's kids are kinda cute in this book. there was one scene where it was Halloween and Julie decided to replaced those toxic candies with her own muffets that she had baked extra but when her first son saw what she was doing, he ran and hide those muffets and replaced the treats with his own. when Julie asked him about it, he answered,

"you can't sell those muffets! you worked so hard for it! you need to sell it!"

cute huh? imagine a 6 year old boy saying that to a hard working mom? kinda "ouch" but still! >_<

conclusion, i can say its a book that is hilarious at some times but kinda boring at some other times.

Rate: 5/10 

eunice gm.


  1. Sound like interseting..... How many pages? Hheeeee....

    1. well, i rate it only 5/10.. maybe sebab dye lebih focus on mommies? hehe.. but some parts memang kelakar laa.. 279? =)


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