Feb 19, 2014

Book Review: Shanghai Girls

Author: Lisa See

In Shanghai, 1937, two sisters, Pearl and May, a dragon and a sheep respectively grow up in a "comfortable" way. however things took a turn on them and they need to be married off to "Golden Mountain Men" also known as Chinese who are born in America, who were looking for wives. these modern sisters tried to avoid it but Pearl got raped by Japanese *spoiler* and they went through lotsa difficulties before meeting their husbands in America. however, they got a daughter between them and that was their hope and their joy in their so called new lives. *can't let out more spoiler*

a book about history, culture in that era, and how these women had been strong for each other. you can also see the strong bond between the Chinese in America. heey, growing up in a stranger land is no fun okay? =)

a good book, i would say. but if you hate history, i don't think you would like it as much as me? i love books that connects me to those era, where things are different from nowadays so yeaah, i had tons of them at home. =D

rate: 7/10 

eunice gm.

P/S: i went to the library yesterday and borrowed 8 books. i looked like a nerd when i check it out at the check out kiosk but who cares, i got my books! =D

wanted to borrow the maximum number, 10 but i got no more strength in me. >_<

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