Feb 5, 2014

Facebook LookBack

when blogger Wan Hazel posted this, and i watched it, i was like....

can you like imagine that facebook keeps every little details?

ouh, i do know that facebook knows every single things, including the messages that we send to our friends as they need to "pantau" everything that happens on their site but then, its a little scary huh?

i wonder how they did that but congrats Mark and the facebook team. facebook had been a great use for me since i don't know when. ahah.

 anyway, happy birthday facebook! it's their 10th year in the business. cool huh? because of a small project in uni and it went viral to millions of people in the world today.

source: [link]

ouh, by the way, if you wanna see your facebook lookback video, log in to your profile and click this [link] to view your own history in facebook.

eunice gm.

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