Feb 7, 2014

I Am A Caged Unicorn Soon

boo. holiday is coming to an end in 24 hour? hmmph. i can't imagine that 3 weeks had gone by just like that. dang.

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regarding this post, i listed down a few things that i planned to achieve right? well....

1. eat clean food.
f*** this. i ate mcdonald in the middle of the night around 1am but... only one time so acceptable la hor? but the cookies that i had telan these few days. hmmp. boo eunice.

2. blog.
i did a good job in this i assume? *small voice* Sleek & Pump did went through a great renovation right? and i did kept blogging so good job eu! *pat on back*

3. clean up room.
err, i can say its 90% done? i said that cause the room is in a mess again right after i cleaned it up. dang. untidy eunice you got here. ahah!

4. do 2013 travel book.
okaay. this wan i slack back a lot! printer went out of ink and i am waiting for the computer fair to come along which did not happen when i have the money so i can't do much. in the end, all the materials are chuck somewhere *i got to find out where*

5. do traveling piggy bank.
ouhouh! i did a cute wan. though its not that pretty but as long got a place to keep money in for my dream right?

6. finish those books that i had bought and borrowed.

7. do new semester (sem 4) timetable.

8. clean up university table.
check! but i think got to clean up again tomorrow. sure 3 weeks dust is going to be an ugly sight.

9. reschedule doctor's appointment.
errm, yup. done this and i am going for minor operation on the 23th of February. wish me all the best and pray that the scar won't be too ugly that i dare not to show it to people!

10. print out song book.
not done due to printer breakdown. not my fault eh? >_<

11. paint!
wtf. how can i possible have this idea in the first place eh? i think i am lappie most of the time. it's official! i am a internet addiction! can someone please send me to rehab center!?!?

anyway, holiday is coming to an end and i am glad that i had been PROACTIVE for the past few weeks. there had been stuff done too like shopping, blogging, playing game, catching up on movies. i am sooo gonna miss it all.

semester 4 is here and i really hope that things will go well this semester. my results drop kinda bad last semester and i hope i can do well to cover up for the previous semester? hmmp. wish me luck? nah-ah, luck are for losers aren't they? lol. all the best then. >_<

all the best to those who are going back soon!

eunice gm.

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