Feb 7, 2014

I Share #13


friday is here and tomorrow is time to go back to uni! *sobsob*

anyway, here is things that is kinda cool to share with you guys.

one of my favorite Disney song, "Let It Go" has been sung by a man and he did a really great job out of it! amazing huh?

since valentine is coming soon, on the 14th of february, here is a cute video on how to attract your valentine. but... i don't think it will work with humans?

ouh, here is a defence video against those who talked bad about mcdonald. gee, i do know that mcd has its disadvantage and i dare not to say how true can this video be but whatever it is, eat healthy. if you wanna eat mcd or any fast food chain, go ahead but always remember to ratio it with 1:50 of mcd and clean food.

maybe 1:50 is a little over la hor? >_<

anyway, here is my emoji from What Type Of Emoji Are You? it states that i am a,

You're a trendsetter. stylish, primped and pampered, you never leave your house looking less that 100 percent. you appreciate the finer things in life and are not afraid to show it.

seriously? ahah. i don't think its true as i can just go out with a messy bun of 2 day not washed hair *oppz* so can that be consider as 100 percent? lol. but i do like to make sure that i am presentable la when i go out. soo, what emoji did you get? =D

eunice gm.

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