Feb 20, 2014

I Share #15

hello! an early I Share this week as i will be leaving for a few days so i am afraid that i won't get the chance to do anything in Sleek & Pump lor.

anyway, have you heard of the latest addicting song, Monchichi?

well, here is it!

this music video had the collaboration of Joseph Germani, one of my favorite youtuber and also my favorite "sister". SHE IS SUPER CUTEEE! don't you think so? ahah! #girlcrush

and here, one quiz for you to find out what psychic power you should have and obviously, with the image above, i got telekinesis.

You should have the power to move objects with your mind. you want to impose order on your surroundings, and get agitated when you cannot.

yeah, i think i am going to agree with this as i hate to lose control over a situation. sounds kinda bad huh? i hate it when things go out of hand but then, that is life. things memang tend to go out of hand sometimes. >_<

one last video before i go off and start packing! *and yeah, i not yet start packing though i have to leave the house at 1.30pm*

it's crazy huh? the world, the society standard of beauty. it's super scary when you see the imperfections of yourself taken away, to quote one of the lady in the experiment.

check it out and tell me, what is the meaning of beauty to you?

eunice gm.

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