Feb 8, 2014

IMax Experience and Great Chocolate Lava Cake

Yesterday Reshie and i went and got our identity cards changed. it was a spontaneous plan and since i hate my picture on the identity card and reshie herself still have her primary 6 face on her IC, we went ahead lor. after waiting for like for one and a half hour, we finally got to wait for 2 weeks before getting our new IC. wee! kinda excited! lol.

btw, when i was paying for the card, which by the way is RM10, the gentle lady and i had a conversation.

"tak ready ke bila ambik gambar ni?" *pointing to my current IC*
"ah-ah. nak buat paspport tapi tak sangka kena tukar ic jugak"
"rambut tak sikat?"
"heheheheh..." *the only thing i can do is sengih as much as i can*

dang. if i were to post my current picture, i am sure you guys will agree with her. my hair look horrible and for one whole year plus that i had this ic with me, many people had took second look of my actual face to confirm that that picture is really me. dang.

and while taking my picture, i asked if i could smile and the reply that i got?

"nak sengih pon boleh dik."

and of course i smiled. widely. =D

i checked the image after that and i think its kinda okay? i hope it do come out like what i had seen. >_<

while taking our breakfast, i suddenly asked if reshie would like to catch a movie in IMax experience since it is new in Jb and of course us, being the spontaneous type, we went ahead. make a quick phone call to another girlfriend and off we went.

oh boy, the movie experience was....AWESOME!

seriously. i rate it 9/10! it lost one mark due to it being a little too loud for me *we sat right in the middle, L14 and L15* but i guess guys would love that since it was a movie that involves lotsa guns sound and the music was insane! it is Robocop movie btw. what do you expect eh? of course there's guns involved. well, i went ahead with the movie for the sake of the experience and not the movie itself. heh. i am not really a gun lady.

well, it was an awesome experience cause it is really clear and boy the screen looks like its bend? no wonder the image is good? i don't know. i am not a pro eh? but i really do like the experience of being in there.

the popcorn sucks though. i asked for caramel popcorn but what i got on that day was just not my taste. did TGV change the recipe of caramel popcorn or did my taste bud went wrong? hmmm. the whole popcorn was left on the chair but eventually it dropped to the floor after the show end. boo popcorn.

ouhouh, before that, we went to Al Amigos for a quick dessert while waiting for the show to start. we were looking for something sweet and poof, their menu state something that reads "chocolate lava *somethingsomething*" if not mistaken and we tried lor. it was gooooood. =D

i don't really like the food at al amigos but boy, that dessert was good. but still can't kalahkan Delicious wan laa. they still rocks. gee!

and ouhouh, i spend rm55 for a piece of cadigan that i shared with reshie. the original price was at rm59 but if you get 2, you get each for rm40. and a singlet for rm15. all from cotton on and i am a HUGE fan of cotton on. wee! it was a good waste of money though that money was meant to be spend on my food before pt hits in? dang. i wonder what am i going to survive on.

ahah. who cares? food can be found anywhere if i am not fussy huh?

last night in own bed tonight.


eunice gm.

P/S: it seems all random things are thrown into this post eh? ouh, the price for IMax tickets were rm19 each on a thursday.

source of image: reshie's insta


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    1. well, not really my kind of movie but okay laa.. u a fan of robocop? =)


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