Feb 13, 2014

Jokes Around Dorm U7

ask anyone around our dorm and they will tell you that we are super duper noisy when we are all together. we laughed like nobody business and sometimes i do felt a little sorry for our neighbors cause they have to hear our super loud "gym".

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anyway, here are a few conversations that make us burst into stitches.

One of my girl, Peipei can't drive and we were discussing that all ladies should learn how to drive so that we won't have to depend on our men in the future and that was when the stories about driving came out.

Joke 1:
one of our university acquaintance was driving on the road one day when she saw a long line of cars with their double signal on. she thought it was a trend or something was happening on that day so she followed them along and put on her double signal too. around 15 minutes later, she realized that she was actually following a chinese funeral procession.

silly? totally. ==" 

Joke 2:
my friend, Mad, was driving with her mom on the right *the fast lane* when many cars suddenly moved towards the left side of the road. she thought maybe she was driving too slow but then she saw a white shirt policeman on a bike, waving a stick, always used by policeman wan laa. he was waving it real hard and she thought what was he up too. she quickly check if their road tax had expired or something is wrong with the car but then the policeman catch up and shouted,

"tepi! tepi! orang besar nak lalu!!!"


Joke 3:
do you know that when we applied for JPJ, we are actually paying more than we have too? the extra money that we paid are usually given to the JPJ's examiners so that they can close one eye while we are sitting for the test, the outside circuit wan laa. how true is this, i am not sure but i do guess it is true in some places or else why would we have so many sucky drivers yea?

anyway, there was this story that a guy could not drive properly that even his "pao" money was given back to him as he was too sucky. imagine that. you tried to pay your way through and ended up being rejected. totally embarrassing!

Joke 4: 
changing gear, it is about my blog.

okay, i was telling them that i got a dream for Sleek & Pump in year 2014.

"Guys, i got a dream for my blog."

Full of confidence, i answered, 

"I want to gain 500 followers by the end of this year."
"ouh? how many you have right now?"

it was actually quite a serious mood when we were talking about this and i replied,

"now ah? got 56 only"

and when they heard my answer, they all burst up laughing. 

i know it sound a little bit ridiculous but nothing is impossible right? i mean, a dream won't be a dream if it doesn't scares you right?

and of course, it became a laughing topic to them since then. *sigh*

"we thought you already have like 400+ followers."
"eh eh, try to calculate how many followers that she need still."
"wow! 444 laa!"
"go and create a blog laa then go and follow her so that her dream will come through."


well, there are many other stories that make us laugh so much. now, i know why we don't gain so much weight when we are in uni, we laughed too much. 

anyway, laughing is the best medicine right? ahah!

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eunice gm.

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