Feb 20, 2014

Maybelline Giveaway Has Arrived!

weeee! lady luck was smiling on me when i joined this giveaway by blogger Sherlyn Goh!

i forgot what i had posted but then, one week ago, she suddenly tagged me in her post,

Giveaway Winner The 4 lucky winners are: 

Eunice Gm: Maybelline lipstick and loreal lipstick 
Cheryl wennee: Maybelline lipstick and Magnum Mascara 
Elynn Goh: BB mousse and Magnum Mascara 
恩柔: BB mousse and Loreal lipstick 

Kindly inbox me your full name, mailing address, contact number and email address in 24 hours 

gee, i din think that i could get anything but yea, i got it. =D

and today, it arrived in the mail, just when i decided it was a good day to come home! at least, i don't have to wait for super duper long time *a week* to check out the goods inside right?

well, i am not really a pro in make up but i do love it when i can get some make up. heey, who don't like Loreal or Maybelline goodies huh?

anyway, here it is! can't wait to try out the color soon! =D

behold! here is the Loreal Riche lipstick. don't ask me anything about it. i don't know a thing. lol. but i am kinda excited to see some lipstick in my make-up bags! =D

cute huh? geez!

and here is the maybelline color sensational lipstick. hmm, a little too red for me. i wonder if i am bold enough to bring it out for the world to see.

did not use any filters for the lipstick color as i don't really want the filters to disturb the original color. soo, what do you think? ahah!

am i brave enough to bring it out? hmmm. wait till i get a lip liner la hor? >_<

eunice gm.

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