Feb 3, 2014

New Look of Sleek & Pump

fuhh! *wipe sweat*

before the holidays begun, i jotted down in my planner that i am going to do something with the blog design since i had it since the beginning of time which was one year ago? but then because of lack of time *i had been avoiding it* because editing html can be lotsa work and maybe a little tipsy laziness?

anyway, this afternoon, right after i woke up, i decided to do something about it and tadaaaa!

i spend a total number of 6 hours on this darling baby of mine and there it is. like it? or is the older version better?

well, i kinda like it but kinda don't like it? it's due to the reason that i was having a real hard time with the editing just now. my favicon was giving me so much trouble that i just felt like giving up. it's time for a new favicon since the old version, which was elmo is a little childish for me now? i still love elmo though. =D

and then there was the pages thingy that just would not bug to the top of the header. it kept coming back to the side bar and i just got sick of it so i just deleted the whole thing so now if there is any new readers, they can only know me through my social network and by reading my old stories. ah well.

anyway, i am not popular wadd so i don't think that thing is gonna be much use though so whatever laa. =D

i am beat up liao. finger felt like breaking. even typing is a little too hard for me right now. got to rest tomorrow. 


eunice gm.

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