Feb 4, 2014

Small Shopping Haul

okaay, a "hutang" post.

a few days ago, i went to Watsons, Popular, and Daiso to get some stuff. there's not many stuff that i get but it was more than usual since i don't really go shopping.

anyway, i got myself lip balm cause there was a youtuber who recommended this so i decide, why not go and have a look at it? both are different as the pink glow colors is according to our body chemical so the color will change according to our blood type? as for the red color lip balm, it lets out a red color and it glows too so it looks like you are wearing lip gloss instead of lip balm. cool huh? it's like hitting two birds with one stone as it shine like a lip gloss and gives the advantage of a lip balm. ahh~ soft and supply lips for the rest of the day!

but i don't really like the pink wan cause it kinda makes my lips look pale? i don't know. maybe it's my body reaction but i still use it once in a while kot. 

i then went to daiso, a shop that sells Japan's items all at the price of rm5. sometimes you can get real good stuff there but sometimes the thing is just not worth it. for example, i brought a stationary organizer for only rm5 and i think its really worth it. its quite okay too the quality but if you were to buy normal cotton buds or tissue? its just not worth it?

 ouh, i brought this vanilla candle and i was actually searching for lavender but there wasn't any. so, just got to go with this. it's okay though but the smell is not that strong like my old lavender candle. 

next stop was popular, my favorite bookstore ever. i was searching for cute crocodile clips for my planner and all i found are ugly ones. you know, those black and white type? euuw, anddd i saw this! it is super cute right? geez, except for the checkers box clip. i hate the color. since it did not sell one alone, i was forced to buy it for rm3.90 if not mistaken? not really a good waste of money but i just love it!

and this, as stated in the picture, it's nail foils where you stick it to your nails and file of the remaining. well, i hate it. i don't hate the application cause i think its kinda cool but i just hate the hello kitty design. i am not a fan of hello kitty at all and i just don't know why did i got it in the first place. seriously,  a waste of rm10. 

the outcome of those hideous nails. how is it? ahah! too childish for me i guess? 

before logging off, pictures of Deon and me. how do we look? black and yellow? ahah!

and yeah, i went for red and gold this time of the year. it's a first time for me since it is consider a bold color for me.

P/s: holiday is gonna end soon~ =(

eunice gm.

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