Feb 24, 2014

Sweat Gland Cyst

hey there!

yesterday, on the 23rd of February, i went for my minor operation to get rid of a small lump that had been my companion for about a few years. i am not really sure how long it had been there but i do know it had changes its color from skin color to a darker color, something that looks like the blood vessels is gonna burst or something.

anyway, i was fully conscious when the operation happen and man, i was nervous! i kept counting my heartbeat sound *the machine that monitors my blood pressure* and i kept taking deep breath. the doctor, thank God it was all women in there, kept talking to me but man, can't she just keep quiet and do her job?!

it was around 9am that the operation started. i was given 3 jabs of anesthesia and then they begin their job. they did covered me with blankets to avoid me from seeing the process i guess but there was a lamp above me, you know the lamp that helps to shine brightly? and it was a reflective mirror so if i were to look up, i could see what they were doing. though the image is not clear but i sure can figure our blood and the knife. ahah.

it was super cold in there. if it is not mistaken, it is to make sure bacteria doesn't grow much as bacteria can't be active in cold temperature. 

while she was doing it, she suddenly said,

"this is a sweat gland cyst la eunice"
"ahh? what's that?"
"sweat got clot in there but we will send it for diagnosis first."

i don't' know what on earth is that but i do know what is a cyst. never heard of sweat gland cyst before though. just got to wait for the report in 6 weeks time.

finally, around 9.45am, i was released and am allowed to go home. the pain after the anesthesia reduce, was horrible but bearable. 

will be going back from the diagnosis after 6 weeks from now and boy, i stinks right now from not showering! >_<

know any food that can speed up the healing process?

eunice gm.

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