Mar 22, 2014

Updates In Life

heey there! it's been a while. things were hectic these past few weeks when classes are pack from 8am to 5pm at times. sunday can be so free that you don't know what to do besides laying in bed and daydream at times and then monday, tuesday, wednesday became a busy woman and then thursday and friday came, giving me some time for myself but because of the working schedule that clashes with our country, Johor, some things have to be settled on those days instead of the normal weekend.

and saturday came, a day for children church. ouh! those kids! *melt*

while, to put it into simpler words, i am either out from room, in dorm socializing with my buddies, doing assignments or finding for sponsorship for our upcoming event in faculty.

Last weekend, met up with senpai who are now doing their internship. it's been so long but i don't think i totally enjoyed myself that night as my eyes went totally dry and went against me. do you guys who used contact lens are facing this problem too? i wonder if it got any connection with the haze the past weeks but then people are telling me that there aren't any haze. aish. i also don't know laa. maybe it's my eyes. hmm.

it was then grandparents birthday celebration. glad to be able to join them once again. =)

finally, four days ago, the land of UTM received rain. not those little tiny dots which evaporate with the sun but heavy rain! roommate and i tried to keep our windows open so that those tiny raindrops could just drop by. we miss them!

it was also that day when i felt my social anxiety went a little too over. i got no problem in socializing but on some days, you just don't feel like getting out of bed to do anything. you just want to lie in bed and forget about all your other responsibilities. it was a little tough but thank God i got through it. i hope i can do better this coming weeks. >_<

friends then went out for a dinner. it's been a while since the 6 of us went out together for a meal so when the opportunity came, i jumped on it. have you tried this new flavor from Mcdonald? i kinda like it but its a little spicy after you finish eating it. heh.

the week then started to get better with the laughter of my friends. they found out about pictures effect and how our phone cameras can change into different kind of setting. *thanks to me. ahah!* and we ended up taking this picture. what do you think about it huh? 

and, it's me. my mom thought that it was a real ghost. bah!

and here is the latest update of what is happening in my life. FM RUN is happening soon!

i had been busy trying to get some sponsor for this event but man, it's really not easy to be in the sponsorship team. it is based on your "selling product" effect but then it also falls to if you got luck or not. *sigh*

anyone interested in sponsoring? there are benefits for sure. =D *huge grin*

that's all for this few weeks i guess? i hope i will have more time to blog. i miss blogging! >_<

eunice gm.

P/S: credit to my instagram images eh? *winkwink* do follow

Mar 21, 2014

I Share #18

The weeks had passed just like that huh? i was dragging myself out from bed last sunday for class and now it's already friday? 

this whole week was a little harsh for me. there were so many things that need to be tend to that i don't even have the time for myself to surf the internet or do the things that i like besides trying to finish the books that i had borrowed which had also went over their due date.

on this week radar, which today also marks the Down Syndromn Day, here is a video to make you guys teared up a little. 

get ready a tissue eh?

by the way, heard of Spotify before? check it out! it's a application that allows you to play any music, your crush music gene, or even your favorite artist are all in there for you to stalk. gee! why don't this exist in my time eh? =="

eunice gm.

Mar 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #15

good afternoon! how did your morning went?

source: [link]

One question: What do you think about sex? 

is it dirty? is it normal? is it a topic to discuss about? is it a must-to-know for everyone from young age till the older generation? is it a topic that can be discussed openly? or should it be discussed only in private chamber?

have a great day!

eunice gm.

Mar 10, 2014

Book Review: Dark City: Psychotic and Other Twisted Malaysian Tales

Author: Xeus

Warning: PG18 stuff. read on your own accord. *i meant, the book. not my review*

before i begin, let me say "wow". it is a book that i would recommend to people if you are dark and crazy like me. lol.

okay, this book is divided into different tales in it and i was attracted to it because of its cover. when i got home, i just could not put the book down. it was THAT good.

the tales in there, which i remembered clearly are stories that have endings that make you go "WOW". at times, the ending would be hanging and it is up to you to decide if it is going to be a happy or a bad ending but frankly speaking, there's also stories which are kinda boring laa.

in here, the stories are divided into 12 different stories.

1. Psychotic
talks about a female bartender who got raped and tortured by her's rapist and the ending will make you go, "WOW."

2. Trashcan child
this was a little confusing for me at first but then i read the second time and then only i got it. it speaks about a woman, Pearl who picked up a child from the trashcan and gave her to a woman to be her guardian and when you reach the ending of this story, you would not expect that those people are not really humans. *spoiler*

3. One if by land
another favorite. it talks about prison guys who died mysteriously one by one and in the end, they did not died but were actually imprisoned forever. the ending was kinda predictable for me but it has a good plot.

4. Session One
ahh, this speaks about ghost. *sly smile*

5. The scarlet woman
this was one of my favorite. the ending would make you faint, just like the main character in this tale. it speaks about a boy who want to have sex with a scarlet woman and boy, i got a shock when i read the ending!

6. The six million dollar man
this was about a man who got the money but lack the senses. not really a tale for me.

7. Coup of the century
this involves laughter but i hope its not a true story. it involves two pair of couples who are interested in buying dogs for a competition and when they found out what was those dogs for, it is a horrible ending. for the dog and these pair of quarreling couples.

8. The resistance
this is not my tale. i don't like the story line and i was having trouble understanding it. i meant, there were too many mystery behind it that when you reached the end, only you understand who are the real main characters in it.

9. The maid
my favorite. seriously. the ending is a good one. because of this tale, i seriously recommend you to read this book.

10. A grave error.
another tale on ghost. the author was awesome though. i did not suspect that it was a ghost story until i got to the end.

11. Incident at monkey gorge
anger, sadness and other emotional stuff can make the kindest and gentlest woman change so beware, males out there! a woman can do great things when her emotions are her motivator. this story tells about 3 woman who are rivals in love and in the end, i can only say goodbye to the guy. however, the ending and how it happens was left to the reader imagination.

12. Monster
a child was kidnapped and he was sent to another country to be a monster but in the process, you will be shock to know who was involved. not really my story. i kinda predicted the end.

well, that is the end of it. seriously, i strongly recommend you to read this book, if you don't mind the violence in it. besides, its from malaysia. i seldom come across books written by malaysia authors that can twist my brain to this extend. there's a few, like Damnya Hanna? a malay novel author? she's good! i used to read her books when i was in high school.

Rate: 10/10

eunice gm.

P/S/S: there's a book number 2! i hope i can find it soon!

MH370, Please Come Home

have you seen the video? the video that was given by the air controller from China to this missing plane. i really do hope that they heard us. i really do.

tears are falling. hands are praying. hearts are crying. Lord, please hear our prayers and bring them home safely. bring them home soon. their families are waiting oh God.

the translation of the video.


eunice gm.

Mar 9, 2014

My Experience With Xperia L

hi there! *grinning*

my segamat post is still not up huh but soon, a little more time okay?

anyway, since the incident of my old phone, i had got myself a new phone which is Xperia L. it was kinda last minute as i was going back soon to uni and in these days, who don't have a phone eh? it's a must in our life.

anyway, i told the boss that i wanted a phone with good camera and since i seldom play games, i don't really mind about the games but i do have emails and lotsa documents. besides, my budget was only rm1000. what should i get?


he recommend me this.

behold! Xperia L.

forgotten to took out the cover. it is red in color. =="

the specs of this phone? go google it eh? heheh. i am not a big fan of gadgets. as long i have something that works for me, i am okay though i would love to own an xperia z10. ahah!

anyway, i had been using it for almost two weeks now? here are a few pictures that i had taken with this phone.

this was the first picture that i took. we were at vivo tebrau and you can imagine the lighting in there? it's more to warm but i do love how this image turn out.

this was taken the next morning. was looking through the apps in phone and then came upon this *jakun*.
sorry mom, you got to be the sulky model. lol.

this was taken at a night hawker stall so the lighting was kinda dark but i think it turns out okay? it was without flash though.

was waiting for bus which takes forever to arrive. #UTM

and a camwhore image. ahah! i took natural lighting here so i lovvvee this picture! insta right away! 

this was supposed to be a sweep panarama but then it got stuck halfway. i still don't know how this works so nope, i don't like this.

and this was taken from a moving car. this is a advantage of xperia l. it captures image fast so no lagging behind. everything is captured!

you can head over to this webpage for more details regarding this phone.

ouh, btw, the price that i got for this was RM749 but then plus minus with extra one year warranty and some accessories, it came up to RM800+? 

conclusion, i love this phone and yup, it had its first drop already. it was in class when it happen but then it wasn't that high. boo me. silly me.

there's one thing that i am not really satisfied though is the battery life. man, it drains! in one day, if i kept playing Hayday and social networks, i got to charge it around 2 times? maybe i am kiasu laa. hahah.

anyway, it is a great phone. other than that, if you are looking for a phone just for the sake of smartphone, you can consider this. 

eunice gm.

RM250. Finally. Finished.

hi there! good evening.

i am sure many of you guys had obtained your BRIM voucher from our government? if not yet, don't worry. if you are entitle to it, i am sure you will get it soon.

frankly speaking, i was struggling to finish my voucher as i don't really have any books to buy in university and since the computer gadgets are at a super high price, *ask my freaking uni wth happen* i just TRY to forget that i need to buy anti-virus and my printer ink.

anyway, my trip to popular and tadaaaa!

i bought this cup for RM16.20 when the original price was RM18. cute isn't? will be making a gift out of it for a dear friend of mine. *she don't read my blog so yea~*

Title: One false move
Author: Harlan Coben
Price: RM10 (ori: RM35.90)

i don't really know what this book is about cause it was from the "cheap bookshelf" so i just took it when i saw it was something more to mystery. i don't really read chic lite nowadays. i grew up? lol.

Title: Guilty Pleasures
Author: Tasmina Perry
Price: RM12 (ori: RM27.90)

okay. maybe one chic lite genre. ahah. >_<

Title: Damaged
Author: Cathy Glass
Price: RM35.91 (ori: RM39.90)

i am really excited to read this book as i love this author. her stories can just bring people to tears and it's a must read author. 

Title: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Author: T. Harv Eker
Price: RM31.41 (ori: RM34.90)

Title: How to talk to anyone
Author: Leil Lowndes
Price: RM28 (ori: RM39.90)

these two books were bought because i thought to myself,

 "Heey, i don't have any self improvement books huh? maybe i should get a few." 

and that was the "grown up" in me speaking. hope i can get some sense out of these books. lol, but i do have some hope on the millionaire book. heey, who don't want to be a person with money huh? *winkwink*

Title: Heaven is for real
Author: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Price: RM40.41 (ori: RM44.90)

this book was bought for mom. i was complaining that i still got some balance and she started to urged me to get her a book and here, a religion book. i heard that this book is kinda nice but not yet set my foot in it yet. 

i then proceed to stationary stuff as in Popular, you are allowed to spend 20% out of your voucher for stationary. so if you intend to spend RM150, you are only entitled to spend RM30 for stationary. 

i got some other random stuff that i need, such as color papers, color pens, eraser, can someone please tell me why can't an eraser finishes before it goes missing? and a super cute wrapping paper and notebook which cost RM3 and RM11 respectively. dang. if i were to use my own money, i don't think i have the heart to spend for things like that. 

anyway, i spend a total of RM200.90. phew. shopping really takes on my toll.

btw, something stupid happens.

i was carrying my basket filled with books, bottle water, popular card and even my phone was in there to the counter with a super cute guy. he was waiting for me to proceed to him and i was holding it out in front of me. the stupid thing was i did not see that i had reached the counter and "bang!" 

the basket hits the counter and physics happened. it bounced back and my breast got caught in the action. dang! i wanted to shout the f word but managed to controlled it in. at the same time, mom came forward to help me take my things. i then told her, a little too loud,

"shit man, i hit my breast."

and spontaneously, that cutie, passed me my bottle and all my personal belongings in that basket. man, how can i be so careless, was what went through my head.

and then, i asked mom,

"how am i supposed to take all these things out?" *it was on a saturday, plastic day*
and that guy looked at me and opened his mouth, in ENGLISH. =_______=

"do you need a plastic bag?"
soo, all these while, you cute guy, understood what came out from my mouth? dang. and i remembered the "breast" word. ohgawd.

forgetting about that embarrassment moment, i told him,

"ouh, i brought a recycle bag." *took out a green recycle bag that can only fill 3 books?*
he snorted. yup. he snorted and shakes his head "no".

"it's only rm0.20."


what a day to embarrass myself in front of a cutie huh? ==""

well, i guess i made his day too huh? lol. he must be thinking,

 "what a silly girl....." 
ah well.

soo, how did YOU spend your BRIM? did it came to good use? or pretty much most of it spend on books? *like me*

have a great week ahead!

eunice gm.

P/S: two stitches removed. two more to go. apparently, they only sew 4 stitches instead of 5. =="

Mar 8, 2014

Book Review: Pearl of China

Author: Anchee Min

i am a fan of this author as she writes mostly about China history. *i am a huge fan of history* i got one of her book, "Empress Orchid" and that was how i fell in love with her writing.

anyway, this books tells about two friends who are from different races, one a Chinese and the other a American. though they are different in looks but they have similarities which is their love for their country, China. they share the same culture, love the local food and everything that involves in it. things took a turn though when Japan, China and the Americans went into war in the old days. friendship was tested, families broke apart, and there were love affairs in it too. 

though i am a fan of Anchee Min, but this book tells more about the history of China instead of the drama that took place in China. it speaks also about how China went through revolution in those days.

for those who love history, i am sure you would appreciate this book. 

rate: 7/10

eunice gm.

Mar 7, 2014

Segmen : Jom Blogwalking By SukaGelak

Its been some time so let's get started with a segmen? this segmen is going to last from 05/03/2014 to 09/03/2014 at 11.59pm. 

waiting for what somore eh? join laa! 

eunice gm.

I Share #17


Internet connection at uni sucks terribly that i don't have any words to comment on it. a great deal of complains had been lodged but it seems that the problem is still hanging in mid air. well, im glad that i am finally home to comfortable seating and internet! 

for this week I Share, since i wasn't that much on the net, there's just a few things that i would love to share with you guys.

first of all, Loud Speaker is having a promotion to celebrate women's contribution to the society so if you are interested, head over to this webpage for more details. the price is RM3.80 per head, so why not? 

source: [link]

next, is a quizz, basically, the link says it all, What Type Of Ghost Would You Be?

and this is what i got.

You got : Orb
You'll be carefree and easygoing, content to just float around wherever saying nothing. "Cool man!" you'll think to yourself as you waft over a lake. "Neat," you'll think as you're captured by a human's picture of another human standing in a dark forest at night. most people who see you in print think you are dust and for the most part you don't let this get to you, but sometimes you can't help it.
well, i don't really get this thing as i thought i would be getting something creepy? like something that kills or haunt really well but nah- i'm tame girl! >_<

now, before i log out, here's a video that you MUST watch! this girl is just amazing! she is super adorable when she got so into handling the choir group! i'm sure she will one day be in charge. ahah!

have a great weekend!

eunice gm.

Mar 6, 2014

March GA Coming Up Soon by Emas Putih

hello people!

Ready for the month of March? it's here by the way so even if you are not ready, there's nothing much that we can do right? time is seriously like a candle, though it sound cliche but it is true! it burns out so fast! time just flies!

anyway, forget about those craziness or havoc of the month of march. there's something that you can look forward to this coming friday, 7th March 2014.

i am sure many of you guys know the famous and pretty Uzu from Emas Putih as she had been a hit in newspapers and many GA's had been successfully done by her.

therefore, *ehem* i am proud to announced that Sleek & Pump is one of the sponsor of this coming GA. it was a tough choice for me when she posted about searching for sponsors but then, i thought, why not? it's a chance to network with people and i get to play a little water in the process. i hope it will be fun! it was a great collaboration i guess?

and  i wonder who will be the lucky one huh? i am always joining people's GA. so this is what it's call, "Other people's happiness is ours too? lol. wth.

anyway, do support yea! the gifts list is up and you can find out more about this GA for yourselves or friends or relatives by going to this website

do check it out!

and, good luck! may lady luck be smiling on you!

lotsa loves,
eunice gm.

Mar 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #14

source: [link]

i am in huge need of sleep. i meant, proper sleep. too many things, too little time. 

or maybe it's just me. *yawn*

eunice gm.

Mar 2, 2014

Lea Michele Latest Song "If You Say So" in Tribute of Cory Monteith

well, i am sure you guys know about Cory, one of the main actor from Glee, who had passed away on July 13, 2013 due to drug abuse. and if you are a hard core fan of Glee, i am sure you know that he is a partner of Lea Michele, who played the role of one of the main actress in Glee too.

source: [link]

well, since his painful passing, she had came out with her latest album, Louder and one of the song was talking about Cory. it was actually talking about their last conversation together and it is a last-minute edition into this album.

she is really a strong woman huh? i am glad that she can cope with it. maybe this is a healing process for her. kudos to Lea Michele.

source: [link]

here you go.

It’s been seven whole days, seven whole days
Since you paralyzed me
Seven whole days, seven whole days
Since you lost your fight
And I can’t get the last words that you said
Can’t get those words out of my head
Seven whole days, seven whole days and four words
And I can’t get away from the burning pain a light you wake
And the fallen hero haunts my thoughts
How could you leave me this way
It’s been seven whole days without your embrace
I wanna see your face
I got some things to say
Was just a week ago
You said I love you girl
I said I love you more
And a breath, a pause, you said, if you say so
If you say so
If you say so
It’s been seven whole days, seven whole days
Since I heard the phone ring
Seven whole days, seven whole days
Since I heard your voice
And I can’t get the last words that you said
Can’t get those words out of my head
It’s been seven whole days, seven whole days of pure hurt
And I can’t get away from the burning pain a light you wake
And the fallen hero haunts my thoughts
How could you leave me this way
It’s been seven whole days without your embrace
I wanna see your face
I got some things to say
Was just a week ago
You said I love you girl
I said I love you more
And a breath, a pause, you said, if you say so
If you say so
If you say so
I can’t believe it’s true
I keep looking for you
I check my phone and wait to hear from you in a crowded room
The joker is so cruel
And now I’ll never know if all I’ve been told is just a lie so false
I thought we would grow old
Mirrors in the smoke
Left me here choke
It’s been seven whole days without your embrace
I wanna see your face
I got some things to say
Was just a week ago
You said I love you girl
I said I love you more
And a breath, a pause, you said, if you say so
If you say so
If you say so

this song just breaks my heart.

sometimes life can be this cruel huh?

cherished the people around you and never ever take advantage of their presence.

eunice gm.

Giveaway [1] : FanPage Publishing by yanapinkblossom.blogspot

heey there! spotted this post from Sakura Ungu and when i checked it out, the prizes are superb!

1x Thumb Drive TOSHIBA 8GB
1x Sibyl Earphone (Pink)
1x USB Notebook/PC LED Light
1x SKII Signs Eye Mask
1x Skin Food Shea Butter Facial Mask Sheet
1x Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet
1x Multipurpose Marker Straps
(*Gambar-gambar hadiah akan diupdate kemudian.....)

don't tell me that you are not tempted eh?

dateline for this awesome giveaway will be on the 21st of March, 8pm. gogogo!

gambateh and all the best! *though i do hope i win laa* XP

eunice gm.