Mar 8, 2014

Book Review: Pearl of China

Author: Anchee Min

i am a fan of this author as she writes mostly about China history. *i am a huge fan of history* i got one of her book, "Empress Orchid" and that was how i fell in love with her writing.

anyway, this books tells about two friends who are from different races, one a Chinese and the other a American. though they are different in looks but they have similarities which is their love for their country, China. they share the same culture, love the local food and everything that involves in it. things took a turn though when Japan, China and the Americans went into war in the old days. friendship was tested, families broke apart, and there were love affairs in it too. 

though i am a fan of Anchee Min, but this book tells more about the history of China instead of the drama that took place in China. it speaks also about how China went through revolution in those days.

for those who love history, i am sure you would appreciate this book. 

rate: 7/10

eunice gm.


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    1. great that you appreciated it! =D

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