Mar 7, 2014

I Share #17


Internet connection at uni sucks terribly that i don't have any words to comment on it. a great deal of complains had been lodged but it seems that the problem is still hanging in mid air. well, im glad that i am finally home to comfortable seating and internet! 

for this week I Share, since i wasn't that much on the net, there's just a few things that i would love to share with you guys.

first of all, Loud Speaker is having a promotion to celebrate women's contribution to the society so if you are interested, head over to this webpage for more details. the price is RM3.80 per head, so why not? 

source: [link]

next, is a quizz, basically, the link says it all, What Type Of Ghost Would You Be?

and this is what i got.

You got : Orb
You'll be carefree and easygoing, content to just float around wherever saying nothing. "Cool man!" you'll think to yourself as you waft over a lake. "Neat," you'll think as you're captured by a human's picture of another human standing in a dark forest at night. most people who see you in print think you are dust and for the most part you don't let this get to you, but sometimes you can't help it.
well, i don't really get this thing as i thought i would be getting something creepy? like something that kills or haunt really well but nah- i'm tame girl! >_<

now, before i log out, here's a video that you MUST watch! this girl is just amazing! she is super adorable when she got so into handling the choir group! i'm sure she will one day be in charge. ahah!

have a great weekend!

eunice gm.

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