Mar 9, 2014

RM250. Finally. Finished.

hi there! good evening.

i am sure many of you guys had obtained your BRIM voucher from our government? if not yet, don't worry. if you are entitle to it, i am sure you will get it soon.

frankly speaking, i was struggling to finish my voucher as i don't really have any books to buy in university and since the computer gadgets are at a super high price, *ask my freaking uni wth happen* i just TRY to forget that i need to buy anti-virus and my printer ink.

anyway, my trip to popular and tadaaaa!

i bought this cup for RM16.20 when the original price was RM18. cute isn't? will be making a gift out of it for a dear friend of mine. *she don't read my blog so yea~*

Title: One false move
Author: Harlan Coben
Price: RM10 (ori: RM35.90)

i don't really know what this book is about cause it was from the "cheap bookshelf" so i just took it when i saw it was something more to mystery. i don't really read chic lite nowadays. i grew up? lol.

Title: Guilty Pleasures
Author: Tasmina Perry
Price: RM12 (ori: RM27.90)

okay. maybe one chic lite genre. ahah. >_<

Title: Damaged
Author: Cathy Glass
Price: RM35.91 (ori: RM39.90)

i am really excited to read this book as i love this author. her stories can just bring people to tears and it's a must read author. 

Title: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Author: T. Harv Eker
Price: RM31.41 (ori: RM34.90)

Title: How to talk to anyone
Author: Leil Lowndes
Price: RM28 (ori: RM39.90)

these two books were bought because i thought to myself,

 "Heey, i don't have any self improvement books huh? maybe i should get a few." 

and that was the "grown up" in me speaking. hope i can get some sense out of these books. lol, but i do have some hope on the millionaire book. heey, who don't want to be a person with money huh? *winkwink*

Title: Heaven is for real
Author: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Price: RM40.41 (ori: RM44.90)

this book was bought for mom. i was complaining that i still got some balance and she started to urged me to get her a book and here, a religion book. i heard that this book is kinda nice but not yet set my foot in it yet. 

i then proceed to stationary stuff as in Popular, you are allowed to spend 20% out of your voucher for stationary. so if you intend to spend RM150, you are only entitled to spend RM30 for stationary. 

i got some other random stuff that i need, such as color papers, color pens, eraser, can someone please tell me why can't an eraser finishes before it goes missing? and a super cute wrapping paper and notebook which cost RM3 and RM11 respectively. dang. if i were to use my own money, i don't think i have the heart to spend for things like that. 

anyway, i spend a total of RM200.90. phew. shopping really takes on my toll.

btw, something stupid happens.

i was carrying my basket filled with books, bottle water, popular card and even my phone was in there to the counter with a super cute guy. he was waiting for me to proceed to him and i was holding it out in front of me. the stupid thing was i did not see that i had reached the counter and "bang!" 

the basket hits the counter and physics happened. it bounced back and my breast got caught in the action. dang! i wanted to shout the f word but managed to controlled it in. at the same time, mom came forward to help me take my things. i then told her, a little too loud,

"shit man, i hit my breast."

and spontaneously, that cutie, passed me my bottle and all my personal belongings in that basket. man, how can i be so careless, was what went through my head.

and then, i asked mom,

"how am i supposed to take all these things out?" *it was on a saturday, plastic day*
and that guy looked at me and opened his mouth, in ENGLISH. =_______=

"do you need a plastic bag?"
soo, all these while, you cute guy, understood what came out from my mouth? dang. and i remembered the "breast" word. ohgawd.

forgetting about that embarrassment moment, i told him,

"ouh, i brought a recycle bag." *took out a green recycle bag that can only fill 3 books?*
he snorted. yup. he snorted and shakes his head "no".

"it's only rm0.20."


what a day to embarrass myself in front of a cutie huh? ==""

well, i guess i made his day too huh? lol. he must be thinking,

 "what a silly girl....." 
ah well.

soo, how did YOU spend your BRIM? did it came to good use? or pretty much most of it spend on books? *like me*

have a great week ahead!

eunice gm.

P/S: two stitches removed. two more to go. apparently, they only sew 4 stitches instead of 5. =="

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