Mar 22, 2014

Updates In Life

heey there! it's been a while. things were hectic these past few weeks when classes are pack from 8am to 5pm at times. sunday can be so free that you don't know what to do besides laying in bed and daydream at times and then monday, tuesday, wednesday became a busy woman and then thursday and friday came, giving me some time for myself but because of the working schedule that clashes with our country, Johor, some things have to be settled on those days instead of the normal weekend.

and saturday came, a day for children church. ouh! those kids! *melt*

while, to put it into simpler words, i am either out from room, in dorm socializing with my buddies, doing assignments or finding for sponsorship for our upcoming event in faculty.

Last weekend, met up with senpai who are now doing their internship. it's been so long but i don't think i totally enjoyed myself that night as my eyes went totally dry and went against me. do you guys who used contact lens are facing this problem too? i wonder if it got any connection with the haze the past weeks but then people are telling me that there aren't any haze. aish. i also don't know laa. maybe it's my eyes. hmm.

it was then grandparents birthday celebration. glad to be able to join them once again. =)

finally, four days ago, the land of UTM received rain. not those little tiny dots which evaporate with the sun but heavy rain! roommate and i tried to keep our windows open so that those tiny raindrops could just drop by. we miss them!

it was also that day when i felt my social anxiety went a little too over. i got no problem in socializing but on some days, you just don't feel like getting out of bed to do anything. you just want to lie in bed and forget about all your other responsibilities. it was a little tough but thank God i got through it. i hope i can do better this coming weeks. >_<

friends then went out for a dinner. it's been a while since the 6 of us went out together for a meal so when the opportunity came, i jumped on it. have you tried this new flavor from Mcdonald? i kinda like it but its a little spicy after you finish eating it. heh.

the week then started to get better with the laughter of my friends. they found out about pictures effect and how our phone cameras can change into different kind of setting. *thanks to me. ahah!* and we ended up taking this picture. what do you think about it huh? 

and, it's me. my mom thought that it was a real ghost. bah!

and here is the latest update of what is happening in my life. FM RUN is happening soon!

i had been busy trying to get some sponsor for this event but man, it's really not easy to be in the sponsorship team. it is based on your "selling product" effect but then it also falls to if you got luck or not. *sigh*

anyone interested in sponsoring? there are benefits for sure. =D *huge grin*

that's all for this few weeks i guess? i hope i will have more time to blog. i miss blogging! >_<

eunice gm.

P/S: credit to my instagram images eh? *winkwink* do follow

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