Jul 17, 2014

How To: Get Over Loneliness In Uni/College

Hello hello friends! how's the day moving along for you? 

Today's topic is for those who are going to university/ college soon in september/august. *congrats*

It's a new thing and it could be scary and if you are people who tend to be extrovert, that's great but what about those who are introvert by nature or extrovert outside but introvert inside? well, keep reading. here are some tips to get over loneliness.

i'm gonna tell this from my experience okay? naturally, i am a extrovert when i am with people but introvert when i am alone. it's like, i hate social network, like Facebook where people can "talk" to you anytime and expect you to answered them ASAP, or twitter, where people knock on your door for a conversation but you just want to rant by yourself. got what i meant? i don't meant to be a jerk but at times *most of the time* when i am not with people, i just wish to be alone. anyone who have the same feelings as me?

anyway, to the topic. 

1. It is normal to feel lonely
you don't need to feel bad cause feeling lonely is a NORMAL thing, especially when you are in a new place. try to imagine going to a place where you have to start all over again with friends, people and lifestyle. it's normal to feel out of place and it's normal to say, "I am lonely".  

again, it's okay so don't worry your head off okay? maybe the girl who always laugh and hang out with people cry in her room at night, missing her family and friends. *shrugs*

2. Go out! 
okay, now you know that you are feeling a little lonely, what do you do? stay in and cry or watch all those dramas on your lappie and hug on to your bear? ouh, come on! you can't expect the party to come to you right? so, get up, and go out. be proactive and you might see that there are other people out there who needs your company too. if you put more into being proactive, you can lose the loneliness feelings soon. 

3. Be more positive
you know the feelings when you get when you on Facebook or Instagram and you see your friends having the time of their life? then you started to feel all bad and start thinking, "Why isn't my life like them?" DON'T. it' won't do you any good guys and why let it bother you?stop comparing and start doing something for yourself! try to connect with your old friends or try to do something relaxing to take your thoughts away from being lonely. you can try drawing, exercising, or even go around your new campus to explore.

4. Meet new people
I am sure that you guys are just like me, going to class, dorm and then spend your time on youtube videos, well that's what i am up to anyway. however, you might be losing all those great opportunities out there to meet more people! so once in a while, when i am feeling a little lonely, i head out. either the library or the computer lab, there are people who might be willing to strike a conversation with you. i had met friends who do pot luck for lunch, get lost in campus *it's huge* or just wanting to know what you are having for dinner later. 

one tip: smile. it's the best way to strike up a conversation.

5. Participate
you know those activity that your faculty ask you to get involve in? or heard of a group in campus which are active? go and get involve! they are the best way to know more friends and to gain experience. if you know from previous blogs post, i am new in my class last year and the only way to know more people is by joining activities that are available. it was hectic but if i don't get involve, i would just got lotsa empty time in my hand and depression might hit in i think. haha. 

i do know some friends which are good friends right now. they just make life in campus much easier i would say. geez.

6. Learn to differentiate depression and loneliness
now, loneliness is okay to have but not depression babey. depression is when you start getting too comfortable being alone always and you would purposely isolate yourself from companionship. that is not good honey. life in university or college is the best time to know more about yourself and life. learn to enjoy as that phase only comes once in a life time. if you still feel lonely, it's time to find professional help. the counselor in campus could help with suggestions so try to hit them up. 

in a nutshell, a transition in your life can be very challenging or even scary but you can find the enjoyment in the transition too. there are joys and happiness too if you allowed it to fill your life. don't be left out and just do it. do things that you can share with your kids in the future. it's all going to be worth it. 

love ya!

eunice gm.


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