Jul 12, 2014

"I-have-no-idea-what-to-say" Post

okay. wtf.

let's get this over with. *scratching head- shaky fingers*

hi guys! hi Sleek & Pump readers! hi people of the internet! howdy doing?

good to say, i am still alive! haha! things had been... hmm.. how should i put it? shaky? it had been hell and i guess its just the time of the year where things go a little under for me so that i would realize how precious life is.

BUT, there are good stuff too! there were quite a number of traveling that i had done and i can't wait to share it in here but for now, fresh from the shower, i would just say hi.

as i had mentioned, life was... hmm.. 50-50? however, the feelings of happiness to share whatever that is happening does not show up that frequently. if it even show up, i would be too busy to think about it or to pen down my thoughts or feelings. well, if you follow on instagram then maybe you might sneak a peek into what i was up to but yeah, i don't know how my life went but the feelings of trying to connect to the world is just not there.

it takes so much motivation and strength to just type out this post and blogging is not something that i thought would be a trouble thought for me. it was a place where i could pour out my feelings in the past but i don't know. things just change eh?

anyway, i do HOPE to see some changes around here. those cobwebs have to go and i am back to shake things up. i miss the people. a little. haha. anti society is back girl but nah-ah. not going to let that pull me down from blogging world. even facebook had been a place where i hate to go nowadays. it's just people being people in there, and i hate people. lol. that sounds weird.

but don't worry. i love people.. just not all.

before i continue this "i-have-no-idea-what-to-say" post, or actually "no-idea-in-what-i-am-talking", i would back off.

goodnight and sleep peacefully!

and oh! happy fasting to my friends who do fast! =D

eunice gm.

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