Jul 13, 2014

It's All About Sex (Part I)

heey buddies! this topic had been on my mind forever and each time i want to write down points in my blog organizer, i just got stuck. there are issues that i want to touch on since sex is something that is/may be in our today's culture.

Before you start scrolling, do understand that this is a sensitive topic. Do try to keep an open mind but if you can't do that, kindly bring your pointer to the right top and click the "X" symbol. Thank you. 

anyway, what do you think about when someone said the word "SEX". what is the first thought that comes into your mind? care to share?

for me, when someone said the word "SEX", i will think about good pleasure and also the fact that it can also bring disaster. sex is consider to be scarred in the religion way but in today's culture, you can find all kind of weird stuff huh? now, i will say that sex brings disaster because in today's world, especially in our nation, this topic is consider as a taboo. i know there are people who are open to this topic but there are also people who will go "Euuu!" and also "This is private matter" but do you know because of us, the community closing one eye on this topic, it opens up to so many different kind of issues?

issues such as rape, babies thrown away, Aids, HIV, all kind of sick stuff that just makes me wanna puke when i read the news. it is so chaotic that something needs to be done. okay, let's not focus on those issues first. before we want to hit the issues, we got to find what it is first right?

anyway, what is sex?
People define "sex" in different ways. some people believe that it only counts as sex if a penis goes into a vagina, but this isn't true for everybody. there are lots of different ideas about what sex can be:
  • Vaginal sex
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex
  • Dry humping 
  • Fingering or hand jobs
  • Masturbation

that is a lot of information huh? anyway, as some religion are against some of the "type of sex" mentioned above, let's not touch on that. that is just informative details okay?

now, who should sex be done with? okay, let me get this straight. this is important and i would appreciate it if people would actually take note on this.

sex should be done with the people that you love and who respect you. this means, if you say "NO", that person must STOP at once. *unless you guys got some special safe words between you* if that person continues with his/her goal, that is not the proper way. it must be mutual and even if you are already half way through, if your partner say "NO", you got to stop at once. like i mentioned above, sex should be good pleasure and if your partner does not respect you, how can you gain any pleasure from it right?

now, let me said it again, there are religion who are against premarital sex so you know what you should be doing and that paragraph above is also dedicated to people who are in a marriage. learn to respect your partner and i can assure you that that relationship will go well. it goes for sex and also to maintain a good relationship.

besides, do you guys believe in one night stand? from my personal view, i don't. i felt that our body should only be share with the people that love us and vice verse so it should not be only for lust. well, it's my personal view and maybe its due to the fact that i grew up with thoughts that one night stand is a no-no. hmm. what about you? agree or disagree?

okay, let's go deeper. now, if you are ready, or maybe going to have sex, do you know what are the things involve to avoid those "problems", such as Aids, HIV, or any other sexual transmitted diseases, and even BABY! *auuw, so cute* there are pills out there for the female to take so that baby issue can be avoided but it's always a 98% guaranteed and the other 2%? you think about it. haha.

and for the beloved males, i think you guys know, condoms! you can get those at any drugstore and i would say that those are the closest thing to avoid any incidents. and, hold your breath *or fingers*, i am not encouraging you to have sex if you are too young okay? this should be use for your future reference. ahah!

there are other ways too to avoid those issues but i think you can goggled it all by yourself eh? just be safe people! always be in your right head before you do something. do not regret it after the process! *read that loudly in your head* *wink*

in a nutshell, i would say that sex is something to think about till you are ready for it. if you are not ready, then just forget about it and wait! good things come to those who wait. always remember that okay?

stay tune for part II!

peace and love peeps!

eunice gm.

credit: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/teens/sex/whats-sex

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