Jul 14, 2014

It's All About Sex (Part II)

Have you read about it in Part I? if no, go click on it. =D

okay, today is going to be the harsh truth. the previous post is more about the beautiful stuff of sex and how you can know more about it without any trouble but this post is going to be today's world issues.

first issue that is heavy in my heart is sexual assault. ask any girls and 98% will said that they had been sexually assaulted before. sexual assault can be in any form. even from a simple "weeweet!" to you know, rape, and maybe even worst. there is a thin line between sexual assault and teasing. from what i learned in college, sexual assault is when the action done is making the victim uncomfortable. however, how can you know if that person is actually taking your remarks as an sexual assault or teasing as friends? this topic became a debating topic in my class and the conclusion that we came out with is, "it's all on your brain." if that person is not taking your remarks well, you know where you got to stop.

take a look at this campaign done by The Girl Code Movement. many ladies out there are keeping quiet and it is time to stop it.

you know, the education that we have now is always how to avoid being rape and not teaching people to not rape. i don't know why this is going on but it had been going on since i don't know when. when someone is being rape, the comments that people would give is, "Why did you stay out late?", "Why did you wear those clothes?", and "Why did you provoke them?". it's sick to think that people would come out with these kind of comments. don't believe me? go read about the news about the girl who got raped by 30-38 men *so said the news* and other news out there. it's crazy! 

no matter how much women try to dress up, or to dress down, or to have short hair or long hair, rape is wrong. rape should never happen. i have people telling me that women who wear shorts are asking for it and also women who wear too much are just trying to tease. wth? you tell me then what should women dress or even use or wear. 

in addition, it's not only dedicated to the women but also to the men. men can also be victims of rape and like i mentioned above, rape is wrong. 

speaking about "wrong", have you heard about Hudud law being carried out in Brunei? what do you think about it? if Hudud law were to be carried out in Malaysia? do you agree to it or disagree? 

i don't know if that could stop all crimes from happening but i do know that the community needs to start seeing what is right and what is wrong. they got to unlearn what they had learned.

"The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn."- Gloria Steinem

another issue that breaks my heart is throwing away babies. i don't know where these "humans" can find the courage to do that but i am sorry. no matter what is your consequences, throwing away your baby is just not the right thing to do. letting them rot and you think that will solve the problem? i am sorry. that does not happen. why can't you put those precious little one with people who can love them?

you can tell me that maybe the mother is being too stressed and it's hard enough for them and i think there are some cases where the mothers are suffering when they are doing that but still, i always believe that there could always be another outcome that they could consider. killing a human is wrong so don't tell me by killing a baby just by not making him/her to not suffer in this cruel world, is just another method of cruelty.

my. i am getting all the negative vibes around me right now but these are the truths huh? every year, we can see news like these in our nation news line and it is getting worst each year. i just hope that people would actually come to their senses but then, since God is coming back soon, i guess these are the things that are bound to happen. =(

let me share this video with you. a summary of this topic.

As a conclusion, sex should be experienced in the right way, without all the negative things that comes along if you misuse it. 

stay safe people and always remember that rape is NEVER the victim fault and rape is ALWAYS wrong. 

eunice gm.

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- http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/05/28/Schoolgirl-raped-by-30-men-14yearold-sexually-assaulted-in-an-empty-house-in-Ketereh/


  1. 1st, Thanks reading my blog. Nice blog n lot of information and topic can discuss really come from your heart. I like it. At the same time can proove my English. hehe... (Sorry my English not very well).

    Totally, I agree with Islamic law. Either hudud or others law in Islam. Because its came from our creator, Allah and all of the law in Islam are wrote in the Al-Quran that muslim read every day for hold their life. Islam is beautiful and easy... As example in hudud, the robber cannot simply to cut their hand... Many rules must do before do the hudud. The judge must ask n see first why he/she do the robber :)

    Regarding the baby thrown, it's so sad too... For me, all the crime can be solve when we back to our religion. So simple...

    I would apologize if my word is wrong. Thanks for asking.

    1. no prob! i enjoy your post too! =D besides, i too can improve my bm eh?

      well, religion do help in solving the problem i guess but berapa ramai yang sanggup tinggalkan lifestyle just for religion kan? it's a sad thing but that's the fact nowadays. =J

      thanks for sharing! *wink*


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