Jul 30, 2014

My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Hello there! It's the holiday season and things are pretty quiet around my neighborhood. Not much fireworks going around and there are few cars on the road. I could speed around 140kmph and that is not a good idea. Do not attempt this action. 

Anyway, I am sure that there are guilty pleasures during this festive season. You know, the amount of cookies that you should consume has gone OVER the limit and I meant OVER means, you are at the second jar of the so-yummy-cookies. So, I guess, I should share what are my top 10 guilty pleasures are.

10. Buying shoes and not looking at the price.
As a full time student who only depends on her's study loan, this is NOT a good idea at all. However, I love shoes to the extend that I would spend money on it and eat maggi for the rest of the month and I did got some good scoldings from friends and family so this guilty pleasure of mine is curb down a little.

Ahh, imagine a place full of shoes which are comfortable and pretty at the same time. Ahh~

9. Laying in bed all day.
I know that many people love doing this and I am not the only one. C'mon, admit it! The bed is the place I hang out the most I think if I am in the room. The first thing that I do when I open my eyes is not to wash up or do any other normal people would do stuff but to play with my phone (on the bed), read a book (on the bed) or just lie in bed looking at the ceiling. It can go on for hours and you can say that my bed is super comfortable for me to be able to hang around so much. There are pillows everywhere and boy, thinking about the bed now makes me wanna go to bed. 

8. Staring at people's nose.
There's one type of nose that I love which is the Twinkle nose. It looks like fairies nose and I just love to look at people with those nose. They are soooo cute! Can someone please share this guilty pleasure of mine?

7. Subway cookies.
I don't know why I love their cookies so much but this is bad. I can purposely drive the car out *it's kinda far from my house* and go find for my Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Auuuw. I am craving it at the moment. =D

6. McD fries.
Speaking about food, who can deny McDonald fries? I can't! Wherever there are fries, I would make sure that it is finish before I head out from there. Its a must whenever I go to McD but since I had been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this simple pleasure of mine must be cut down to once per month. >_<

5. I Love Coffee Line game.
You know about this game? Line users should have heard about it by now and when it comes to this kind of games, I can go crazy, I used to play Hayday but then it kept lagging on my phone so I decided to quit it BUT NOW, I found a new love! It is okay for me to play now but when the holidays is over, I think it would be HUGE trouble for me. 

4. Coffee!
This is the one of the best pleasure that I will always have guilt on! Starbucks, J-co, Cafes around JB, even Penang Kopi would make me go crazy with love. However, because of the "atas" feeling that you get when you "lepak" at cafes, it can make a hole in your pocket so... yeah, a guilty pleasure when you don't earn money as fast as you used up the money. >_<

3. Tweeting... in the toilet.
Yup. You know when you are taking the dump in the loo? Haha. There is two things that I love bringing to the toilet with me. It's the phone and (read No.2). The toilet bowl is the place where all ideas and inspiration comes up you know? *sly smile*

2. Books... in toilet.
Lol. This is embarrassing but I have this habit of mine since I was a young kid and WAY BACK before the smartphone make its way to my life. I would grab my favorite book and head to the toilet for my business to take place. It's quiet and it takes my focus away from my subconscious mind. BUT, this is only done in my own home, okay. I only feel comfortable when I am at home so maybe that's why I have this habit of mine. It's too comfortable. =D

1. Youtube & 9Gag.
Man. This is bad. I can spend hours on those websites and waste one whole day on it. It is a very unproductive activity as I spend those hours looking at people's life, house tours, room tours, DIY ideas and other random stuff that comes up on those websites. Oh boy. Well, at least I don't spend it on movies or dramas eh? LOL. #excuse

Well, that's from me. What about yours? What are your guilty pleasures? 

I think it's okay to have guilty pleasures as long as you know the limit. How can you live life when you can't enjoy the simple thing eh? Like.... reading on the royal bowl? *wink*

eunice gm.

Images are not my credit. Thanks tumblr! =D

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