Jul 13, 2014

Travel- Sabah (The Land Below The Wind)

On the 7th of May, right before my last class finished, i was out from it to catch a flight to Sabah, The Land Below The Wind. it was my first time flying without any "grown up" and man, i was feeling nervous. *a little* ahah.

it was a spontaneous trip actually. Reshie made a phone call to me and asked if i would be interested to go for a weekend trip to Sabah and of course i jump on that opportunity laa! it's one of the state that i not yet step on yet ya know!

Day 1 (mid-day)

we landed in Kota Kinabalu around 9pm if not mistaken and my new friend, Sunntres's papa took us for dinner. it was a simple ikan bakar but boy! i just love the chili taste and how fresh it can be! auuw, saliva is coming out at the moment we are speaking! >_<

anyway, we slept in a Sports Complex where Sunntres's dad is working there and we got our self a great place to sleep without spending much money. hee. *thanks uncle!* it was a quiet place, too quiet actually. haha. there aren't any people there besides Reshie, me and two pak guard. it is kinda scary so the tv was on till we could feel our eyes getting heavy but according to Reshie, i slept through the night. ah well, guess the excitement pays off! haha!

Day 2

the second day was spend on mountains top. we went up to Kundasang where you can find yourself surrounded by grass, cold temperature, and lotsa fresh air. it is a great place to rest your mind, especially if you are from the city.

we went to Desa Cattle Farm, recommended by one of my bestie and let me say what her words was,
"You must go to Kundasang. it is said that it looks like new zealand!"
and so we went, and yup. it is. let the pictures do some justice people! and if the pictures is not enough, go watch the video. gee.

look at how green it is!

i was trying so hard to get a selfie with the cow but man, i was so scared of them! ouh, just call me a scary cat. =="


at Kundasang, you can also go to Memorial Park. this is a sad place. when i first step in there, all i felt was peace and quiet but when you read the stories of why it is called a Memorial Park *duhh*, the tears just got chocked.

don't this place looks so surreal? 

we then walked through a "lorong" where you can see all the names of people who had perished in that terrible incident. there was a koala bear toy sticking to one of the board and ninja started to cut open onions here and there. thank goodness i was wearing dark glasses to hide those tears. >_<

it is a moment where i learned that there are still people who still care though that incident had taken place for more than 55 years.

Day 3

the next day, we went on a snorkeling trip. okay, let me get straight here. when you wanna go for snorkeling or island activities, i would advise you to go during the month of May-July. that would be the best month to go and visit those underwater friends. when we went, the water was not that clear and i won't say that i enjoy that much compared to my first snorkeling trip in Terengganu.

one selfie before we head off!

so, we went to two island, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Manukan. i would recommend more on Pulau Mamutik as that was the first island that i step on and the view is breathtaking! i meant under and above water okay! the view was much better than Pulau Manukan. we then head to the second island after a few hours in the first island and i was super disappointed when i reached the second island. rain started to fall and there was supposed to para-sailing there! oh boy! i totally missed out on that activity! and please do not mention the underwater! it was so muddy that all that i can see is fishes coming near only if you have food with you.

and, yea, not me ok? haha. there was some guys who were giving out bread to those fishes and while i was under, i suddenly noticed that there were many fishes, but yea, who knows, it was because of the "good" man doing. he did throw me one piece of bread but it was kinda.. chewed up by those "piranhas"? haha. they are fast and if you hold on to it for too long, off they will go.

anyway, we spend the whole day at the island that night we head back to the city. we went to a restaurant that sells okok food but so nice environment. it is so cozy in there! you must go check it out if you are in sabah. the name of the shop will be in the bottom okay?

well, to add, one thing i would say about the nightlife in Sabah is that there aren't much stuff to do. in jb, you can head to Bazaar where you can see so many stuff, and if you are lucky, a few fights? haha. *i am a masochist* but you can't find those stuff in Sabah. the only place that we could hang out at night was at the bars where we talked nonsense all night long. ahaha. memories. =)

ouh, one tip for you guys who are going for one day trip to island. one thing that you can do is to take nothing except for a summer bag where you can store your beach stuff but don't have to bring your dry clothes. what we did was pack a small bag with some a towel in it and we just went in our swim suit with a cover on. it was much easy than to have to take a huge bag with towels and clothes in it.

Day 4

it was the day to head home and our friend took us go jalan-jalan along shopping malls and we went looking for souvenirs. we went to the Philippians market where they sell tons of stuff! you can find plenty of souvenirs, pearls and beautiful batik but too bad my money is always enough to buy a little souvenir and not those pretty little stuff. haha. Reshie did get a few pairs of pearls earrings though. hee.

last photo for the trip! =D

overall, it was a good trip. it's the companionship and the people in sabah, they are kinda friendly. hee. if you are planning to just enjoy half city and half nature, sabah is a good place to head to.

peace and love people.

the restaurant:-
Upperstar Grill & Bar
Blok C, Lot 8, Ground Floor, Segama Complex, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

eunice gm.

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  1. awesome holidays!! i wish for this in the years coming too..


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