Jul 15, 2014

Two Ingredient Easy Recipe For Breakfast

Hello guise! whatzup? had your breakfast or are you fasting today? well, keep strong if you are fasting and come back again when you already "buka" okay? 

anyway, today was a great day to eat a proper breakfast so i woke up early *read that as 10.30am* and prepared my apron to start cooking and... i don't cook. #FYI therefore this is the PUR-FECT recipe for me to prepare.

Banana-Eggs Pancake

Serve:- 1

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 eggs
  • butter

  1. Blend your banana and your eggs or you can use your hand but i think by blending it, you get a perfect mixture compared to using your hand.
  2. Get the pan ready and scoop a little bit of the butter *follow your heart* *wink* and throw it into the pan.
  3. Pour the mixture in to a shape like a pancake.
  4. Wait for it to pop little bubbles or you can just check to see if it is ready after a few minutes before turning it over.
  5. Serve and add a little honey. (optional)

forgive my shape. =="

there. a perfect healthy *don't know about the butter though* easy peasy breakfast. that's easy right?

no picture of the final product though. it got burned a little *i told you i don't know how to cook* and it would be embarrassing to show you guys. *lock myself in the closet*

do try this easy recipe! i can ensure you that it would be delicious! the sweetness is just right and it is super easy. however, if you like something that is strong like the real pancake, i don't think you may like this but still, do try it first and tell me about your "experience". 

peace and out!

eunice gm.


  1. wow! this the great I can try cooking it for my 'berbuka' today. Too easy... Thanks a lot Eunice coz share this yummylicious food. My kids must like it ^__^

    1. do try and tell me what you think? i selalu ada masalah bila nak flip pancake tu. kalau bukan terlalu masak, terlalu tak masak. =="


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